The Olympics Teaches Us About Progressives

Jim Spence (left)
Watching women's gymnastics finally helped me stop wondering what quarterback Tim Tebow could possibly do to make progressive Democrats admire him as much as most other Americans do. Tebow has three things going against him with progressives. First and foremost, he is an unapologetic Christian who gives all credit to God for the success he has had in life. Second, he is the well-documented survivor of a doctor’s specific advice to his mother to abort his life. Progressives literally cringe every time they hear about his mother’s refusal to terminate him. Ignoring the risks and carrying him to term produces an uncomfortable philosophical narrative for progresssives. And third, of course is the obvious. 
Tim Tebow
Tebow is a big, strong, rich, chaste, successful, male. And even more justification comes with the fact that Tebow is.....white. All of these characteristics combine to make this young man fair game for secular contempt.
It was almost too much for any progressive to endure last year. Following one miracle come from behind victory after another, the first word’s out of Tim Tebow’s mouth in post-game interviews were always the same. Watch here, as Tebow gives all credit to God after a stirring victory. Even former quarterback Jake Plummer had finally had enough after this interview. “I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates,” Plummer said.
Finally, it is women's gymnastics that has put a stop all the wondering about what Tebow has to do to win the hearts of every sports fan including the progressives. He simply needs to transform himself from a six foot - three inch, two hundred-fifty pound, white man to a four foot - eleven inch, ninety pound African American female, like phenomenal Olympic gymnastics champion Gabby Douglas.
Gabby Douglas
It is a safe bet that it will be Gabby’s hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence, and incredibly poised performance under pressure that will be remembered when her glorious 2012 Olympic medal becomes part of American sports folklore. Progressives will set aside her virtually identical to Tim Tebow insistence on giving all glory to God at the beginning of her first interview after winning gold in London. Watch the Douglas interview clip here.
Do radical progressives within the Democratic Party harbor deep prejudices against all white males? Don’t be silly. Of course they don't. They prefer to be much more discerning. Their preference is to single out the high public profile abortion survivors, with compelling life stories accented by hard work and dedication, who dare to give all the glory to God after their triumphs. Only these types with all of these characteristics are worthy of collective progressive loathing. It all makes perfect sense. And we should thank God they are a sure bet to leave the delightful God-loving Gabby alone. As for Tebow. You are on your own Timmy.