When government leads instead of following

Commentary by Jim Spence - U.S. living standards are directly correlated to America’s attitude towards businesses. Not only do solid pro-business policies encourage income growth across the board, the result is a flooding of local, county, state, and federal government tax revenue coffers. When government tries to lead instead of follow, tax coffers get emptied quickly. We are there.
Jim Spence
The economic renaissance under Reagan be-damned, the cancer of big government, once in remission, is back in a bigger way than ever. How did this historically discredited philosophy regenerate itself? It’s simple. Big government promises are marketed like an infomercial where the handling and processing fees are not mentioned, even in the fine print.
In the 1980’s only 19% of American households did not pay any federal income taxes to support their government. Today the percentage of American households that pay no federal income tax stands at just under 50%. The common sense model that calls on everyone but the helpless to contribute to the cost of government has been perverted. In less than thirty years, the ratio of people pulling America’s government benefit cart up the hill, seemingly for the helpless members of our society, has dropped from four pullers for every one sitter to an equal number of pullers and sitters.
Wake up America. Half of the nation isn’t helpless. Yet nearly half of America has been conditioned to believe government owes them. JFK’s “ask not what you can do for your country,” speech line has been turned on its ear.
What are those not paying federal income taxes doing instead? Simply Google the phrase “how do I qualify for,” and see what comes up. What you will find is our government giving away things to people who are not helpless in ways that truly boggle the mind. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico