Grisham: uninformed and unfit for office

Commentary by Jim Spence - Michelle Lujan Grisham displayed an incredible lack of command of basic facts in her second televised debate appearance with Janice Arnold-Jones Thursday night.
Grisham actually claimed the raising of tax rates proposed by Barrack Obama would provide a trillion dollars of revenue. She is off by more than 90% according to all estimates. “The income tax on the wealthiest of Americans provides a trillion dollars back to the federal budget,” a woefully uninformed Lujan Grisham asserted early in the debate.
Jim Spence (left)
Lujan Grisham also put her ignorance of the financing of Obamacare on full display. She claimed that the so-called Affordable Care Act was not supported by cuts to Medicare, but rather by “windfall profits” diverted from insurers. Note to Grisham. Congress took over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.
In wake of one goverment-backed green energy bankruptcy after another Lujan Grisham decided it was time to take a shot at the biggest taxpaying industry in the state of New Mexico. She called the oil and gas industry a "special interest."
As Grisham belted out one false statement after another about some of the most basic factors affecting the economy, it was Janice Arnold-Jones who had to continuously set the record straight. “New Mexico relies on the oil and gas industry. It is not a special interest and receives no special treatment," she said.
The difference between Arnold-Jones and Grisham was like night and day. Arnold-Jones knew the facts and provided them. All Grisham wanted to do was talk about confiscating more and more money earned by the private sector to support a bigger and bigger government. Arnold-Jones suggested that what America has in Washington is a “spending problem.” Watch the entire debate on KOB-TV here: News New Mexico