New York Times Can't Hide Truth

Commentary by Jim Spence - In one of the great ironies of the election season the New York Times reported an 85% drop in net income for the third quarter late last month. The paper has been experiencing continued declines in advertising as a result of poor economic conditions.
The language of the company earnings release, which blamed the disastrous results for advertising declines on a weak economy, completely contradicted its editorial and news page versions of a rebounding economy.
With the 85% decline in profits in the third quarter, the Times has now solidified its place as the one newspaper in the nation with the greatest pro-Democrat reporting biases. Unfortunately for the Times management team, if they make false statements regarding their financial results the officers can be sent to jail. So there we have it. While the Times news and editorial pages repeatedly tell newspaper readers things are getting better, it is forced under threat of jail time to be honest with shareholders. Things are getting worse, 85% worse.
There was more evidence of the poor economy confirmed again this morning when the Labor Department reported that the nation’s jobless rate was back up again in October. The unemployment rate rose by a tenth of a point to 7.9 percent. Unemployment remains nearly 3 percentage points higher than the average from 2001-2008 (the Bush presidency). After allowing for the Labor Department adjustments, the nation has lost 61,000 jobs during the entire Obama presidency.
The high unemployment rate makes it very unlikely the Federal Reserve will pull back on its near zero interest rate policy that has crippled investment income for retirees and pension funds.

Hurricanes and politics

Commentary by Jim Spence - Widespread human hardship follows hurricanes like night follows day. Just two months ago Hurricane Isaac's floodwaters spilled over a levee just outside of New Orleans. Also a gigantic and slow moving system, the flooding from Isaac stranded tens of thousands of people and it took many days to restore power. Police and National Guard units, patrolled the downtown area of the city of New Orleans to protect businesses and homes from looters who always use crippling storms as an opportunity to steal.
The same things are going on this week on the eastern seaboard. The main difference is population density. There are simply millions and millions of people crammed into the area where Hurricane Sandy hit.
Despite widespread flood damage, deaths, and devastating power outages that are fairly typical of any hurricane, the handling of the Sandy story by the mainstream media is an amazing contrast to the tar and feathering of the Bush administration during the aftermath of Katrina. Incredibly the damages and loss of life caused by Katrina, were blamed on racism instead of Mother Nature. It seems that only hurricanes that occured between 2001 and the end of 2008 caused death and damages due to racism. The conclusion to be drawn has more to do with how brazenly our national media lies to listeners and viewers. The absence of food, gasoline, drinking water, transportation, and power on the eastern seaboard is mirroring what happened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It is certainly not the fault of the current administration that FEMA is having so many logistical difficulties in its efforts to assist. The question is why were these same conditions and circumstances blamed on the Bush administration after Katrina? The answer is pretty simple. Every national television news outlet (except Fox) does everything it can to slant its presentation in a way that helps Democrats and damages Republicans. This is true even if it means falsely blaming the horrible difficulties associated with providing relief to victims of a disaster on the GOP.