Unions: Pay dues or you have "No Right to Work" on efforts to provide disaster relief

Commentary by Jim Spence - You can learn plenty watching the news flow on the devastating loss of life and property after the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. Heartbreaking interviews with people who have lost loved ones and or their homes are shown on every television network. The logistical difficulty of bringing relief to an area where the roads have been wiped out and there is no gasoline available provides America with a chilling reminder of Hurricane Katrina.
Jim Spence
Fortunately, absent from post storm television coverage are attacks on President Obama’s efforts. The overwhelming challenges facing FEMA are daunting. In situations like Katrina and Sandy, the ability of the government to bring widespread relief quickly is a myth.
Even Fox News, which is no friend of the administration, has refrained from criticizing people in the Obama administration, who like those in the Bush administration, are doing their level best to help in a desperate situation. It is nice to see a disaster covered in the entire media for what it is…..a disaster.
What is most instructive is the behavior of the electrical workers unions during this mess. It is now clear they run the New York and New Jersey area power grids like the mob runs illegal drug operations. When line workers from the south arrived shortly after Sandy to help restring electrical lines and bring power back to the desperate masses in the area, the unions blocked them and presented them with 300 page documents requiring them to join the unions and pay hefty fees and dues before lifting a finger to help. Startled crews from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, who were ready to go to work, were delayed from their relief efforts for a couple of days. Eventually they turned around and went home.
Unfortunately, there has been precious little television coverage of the dastardly behavior of unions in all the blue states hit by Sandy. Clearly the union bosses care more about the power wielded by their union shops than providing desperately needed emergency relief. When unions behave this way during emergencies, it tells you all you need to know about how much they care for “working families.” This situation also illustrates the reason for right to work laws better than any other.