Let the smearing begin

Jim Spence
Dr. Ben Carson has a compelling life story. He is an inspiration to anyone who loves to see a disadvantaged inner city youth conquer the unique obstacles they face. In Carson's case he became one of the preeminent brain surgeons in America if not in the world. And now he has become serious candidate for president. Ooops. Not everyone loves his story anymore.

Ordinarily the career development of a black man like Ben Carson would be greeted with joy by all Democrats who purport to "care" about minorities, in ways that no Republican can ever match.

Suddenly Dr. Ben Carson is under a well-orchestrated assault. One Democrat, columnist Charles Blow of the New York Times, challenged Carson’s intelligence. It is according to Blow, as if somehow, even if you can perform neurosurgery at John Hopkins, you can still not be nearly as smart as a Times columnist. It turns out this Times newspaper guy is well-named, because it is crystal clear that Charles.....blows.

Dr. Ben Carson
What other situations would draw the wrath of Democrats towards a black neurosurgeon of international acclaim?

During an interview recently, Carson noted that, “the poor families of those individuals (in the Oregon shooting) had to be hurting so badly.” His interviewer made the following comment: “Dr. Carson, if a gunman walks up and puts a gun at you and says, ‘What religion are you?’ that is the ultimate test of your faith.”

Carson had the perfect response. He said, “I’m glad you asked that question. Because not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say, ‘Hey, guys — everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all."

What was MSNBC's chief Democrat Chris Matthews' response to Carson's life-saving idea on how to respond in a situation like the one in Oregon? Matthews was not just stupid, he lied outrageously. He said, “Why would someone running for president . . . lay the blame on those young people in Oregon who were just killed by a mass murderer?”

That is right Democrat Chris Matthews suggested Carson was BLAMING the victims rather that suggesting ways to save future victims. That is sinister even for a hardcore Democrat at MSNBC.

How about the headline in the New York Daily News? “2016 contender Ben Carson defends remarks criticizing victims of Oregon shooting.” This is yellow journalism at its worst.

You can anticipate a well-orchestrated smear campaign of Dr. Carson to intensify as he gains popularity in the GOP polls.

You see, with most Democrats, black lives and their reputations only "matter" when they are black Democrats. Lynching men like Dr. Carson and Justice Clarence Thomas is a matter of routine.

Any black Republican who gathers momentum in the polls will always be subjected to efforts to have his or her name and reputation destroyed by Democrats in the media no matter how amazing their life's work has been.

Why is this so? It is simple. If blacks do not vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat, Democrats cannot win a national election. This would be all the more reason to support this brilliant man.......Dr. Ben Carson and tell these smear artists to go straight to hell.