Lying when the truth would do just fine

Hillary Clinton was exposed as a remorseless liar this week. But you had to watch Fox News to see the videos of her perpetrating utter deception on the American people. ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, and CNN do not care about the lies of Democrats and will NEVER report on them.
Hillary Clinton’s trail of lies are too numerous to mention here. Suffice to say that when the late legendary New York Times writer William Safire defined her personality as “congenital liar,” he wasn’t kidding. Congenital liar means, “from birth” and there is little doubt this is exactly what she is.
The amazing thing about Mrs. Clinton is not how brazenly has she lied, and still does lie, it is that she will lie even when the truth would do just as well. She simply lies when it is completely unnecessary.
Let’s look at two examples of the Clinton lie machine and how it seems to run twenty-four hours a day even when it doesn’t matter.
1.       Take the lie about the anti-Mohammed video being the reason why four Americans including our ambassador were brutally murdered in the Libya that was destroyed based on Clinton’s recommendation. Clinton emails proved she lied to the American public repeatedly (about a video being the reason) as well as the murder victim’s families. Astonishingly, the thuggish Obama administration was so committed to repeating this same lie, they actually went as far as ARRESTING and imprisoning the man who made the obscure video. Of course the lie was totally unnecessary. No one who mattered was going to think the worse of Hillary or Obama for telling America terrorists killed the Americans at Benghazi.

2.       Then there is Sid Blumenthal. Nobody knows who he is except politicians. Obama hates Blumenthal the smear artist because Sid smeared him too. But Hillary loves Blumenthal. Since Hillary does what Hillary wants to do, she was sharing classified information with Blumenthal (who had no security clearance). In fact, she was trading hundreds of emails during the course of a single week with Blumenthal. However, when Hillary was asked this week why she was so reluctant to admit he was advising her she said…….. get this….”He was not advising me.”

Hundreds of emails containing thousands of words of advice are on the record for everyone to see, and yet Hillary with a straight face, for no reason whatsoever, insisted he was not an advisor.

One has to wonder how, with so much evidence of her total disdain for truth telling, how Democrats in the news media could have looked past all of this again this week and be so hell bent and determined to suggest she is the best they have.

Then again these are the Democrats. Perhaps there is no wonder in all of this whatsoever.