What I am thankful for

On an entirely American holiday, Thanksgiving, it is time to be thankful. One of the things I am most thankful for is that Americans are not being conned in great numbers despite the great efforts of the world's deluded left. Always in need of a phony boogie man for all of us to fear so government can seize more power....global-warming/climate change has been a principal tool. The tool does not seem to be working.

In a recent Fox News poll, count them, 97 percent of Americans don’t seem to care about “Climate Change.” It would seem that two frigid years in a row have many in the U.S. begging for a little warm up during the dark days of winter.  And of course there is always that silly little things to worry about like……terrorism and the economy versus temperatures in the teens instead of single digits in Chicago and Milwaukee next month.

There are many problems with selling the concept of climate change. First of all, it is the words themselves. They just don’t mean anything. People sense this vague label was merely a nifty little semantics pivot by the left that enabled them to blame anything and everything on fossil fuels and CO2. Climate change is a nuanced version of, "the weather changes." We used to call this phenomenon the interaction of seasons and mother nature. Now it is used as an excuse to give more authority to big government.

Remember the last hurricane to hit the U.S.? Of course it has been years now, but the American left blamed Hurricane Sandy on……get this……climate change. They pretended we never used to have hurricanes. They indignantly pointed to Sandy and then to climate change deniers like Torquemada going after heretics during the Spanish Inquisition. They also stupidly predicted a much higher frequency of hurricanes due to climate change just as we were about to see the biggest lull in hurricanes hitting the U.S. mainland in many decades.

Apparently, even the average non-politician Democrats have reduced their concern for global warming to absurdly small numbers. Despite Bernie Sanders asserting that ISIS is a product of global warming, only 6 percent of Democrats listed global warming as their top concern. Have a little more heavily spiked eggnog Bernie and stop trying to stuff the turkeys.

It seems almost cartoon-like that people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Kerry have said repeatedly that global warming is the greatest danger we face. The greatest danger! They have said these absolutely silly things this year. Now millions of Americans will walk past walls of machine gun toting security personnel in airports all around the country this week. The evidence of what is really a threat lies not in what these silly political parrots say about global warming, but instead, in what the TSA tries to do to protect people from terrorists.

It is a great irony that Americans will board tens of thousands of planes that belch millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere this week. They will do so just as Obama will do on Air Force One as he flies to France to gather with all of the other nodding and winking leftists who will also lament the belching of CO2. Then Obama and the rest of the con artists will get back in their CO2 belching jets and fly off to their respective dominions to "save the planet."

Pass the pumpkin pie and thank God for the 97%.