Obama the fool: Can we last another 58 weeks

It is strange. Everyone could smell the terrorist attack in the U.S. coming in the wake of Paris. 

Well almost everyone. Barack Obama couldn’t. Perhaps it was because he was too busy trying to convince the world that temperatures climbing into the teens in Chicago instead of staying in single digits was the most troublesome aspect of the future we Americans face.

Two hours after the shootings occurred Kristi and I plopped down on the couches and watched. It was so obvious that is was Paris part two we just shook our heads in disgust at the idea that Obama has been scoffing at anyone questioning whether he should be allowed to import another 10-20,000 Muslims from a country that is famous for an education system that teaches all students to hate America.

We switched the channels frequently to see how the coverage differed between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.  All three networks purposefully avoided speculating that it was done by radical Muslims. Within a couple of hours of the atrocities Mr. Obama decided it was time to call for the disarming of the civilian population in America through laws that destroy the spirit of the 2nd Amendment.  He never mentioned that they did that in Paris many generations ago.

Image result for San bernardino shootersOf course the world had to wait while the law enforcement authorities worked their way through the evidence, but as soon as it was known that one of the perpetrators names was Syed Farook you could have bet your house on what was to follow.
A couple of things struck us as bizarre. First, radical U.S. Muslim organizations knew the identity of the killers before just about anyone. And they held a news conference to defend themselves. Who tipped them off? How are they privy to information the cops wouldn’t release during press conferences?

Of course the very next day Obama was back at it. Thinking the problem is we don't have gun control like they do in Paris.

It is so sad to see Obama establishing himself as the most dangerous person in the world. He is dangerous because he is responsible for so much that goes undone. Watching repeatedly beg the nation to wheel the Trojan Horse into its interior, is amazing. He will go down in history as the most naïve man to every occupy high office in America. Equally amazing are all his devoted followers who are clueless about his utter incompetence.

One thing that Obama is not naïve about is the fact he will enjoy the protection of armed guards for the rest of his life.

In the end the Democrats showed once again what happens when you put them in charge of national security. Even in an area where you would think we all share the same values.....not seeing our loved ones butchered by people known to hate America, what Democrats really want is more power for government, less choice for citizens, and even larger and more absurd intentional lapses in border security.

The insurgency of American haters was mildly annoying when we watched a World Cup soccer game in the Rose Bowl a few years ago. That was the day 80,000 Mexicans, many obviously here illegally, not only booed the American soccer team, they spit on them as they came out of the tunnel and took the field. In 2015 we realize that ISIS killers are getting free passes from Homeland Security's Democratic appointees and hires. These are the same Homeland Security people Obama would leave in charge of “screening” the crush of Syrians he wants to bring to a community near you. And he will insist on doing all of this while he tries to find a way to disarm America. And if you don't like this, it is because you are an anti-immigrant bigot.

On Friday U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch thought it would be a good idea to wag her finger at the American people and make sure they knew she would stand ready to prosecute anyone who dared cross the free speech line when talking about radical Islam. Now that is law enforcement leadership.......another Obama appointee.

Gun sales in the country are shattering records every month. Gee…….I wonder why?