Christmas Wish: Intellectual Honesty......fat chance

Christmas is coming. We will have Democrats hanging around the house for the next few days. Deck the halls!

One of the topics that will lead to eye rolling faster than anything else, is a leftist’s reaction to anyone who questions Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It seems that the leftist’s views are inextricably bound to science.

Well, sort of.

Animal rights activists come to mind in exploring a curious area of "science" that most Democrats express admiration for. It seems animal rights activists always encourage all humans to become enthralled by the fact that we share huge percentages of our DNA with all species in the animal kingdom. This includes 85% our genes with fish and 99% of our genes with chimpanzees. Below is an article on one of the left’s most admired websites, Mother Jones, which posted this article as a case in point:

Among most Democrats there is utter rejection for any idea that might somehow set human beings apart from the animal kingdom especially when we are dealing with ecosystems and "habitats." In their words, we are all creatures sharing DNA with the same basic right to exist on the planet.....or so goes their argument.

Fair enough. Let's run with that line of thought. This viewpoint explains the Democrats ardent support for disruptive regulations and laws that force the displacement of farming operations that feed human beings. It is happening all over California as I write this. Environmentalists, wanting to protect the “habitats” of obscure endangered species like the snail darter, will go so far as to destroy farms to do so. Since we are all members of the animal kingdom they argue, these government actions should be seen as reasonable.

The National Park Service hires armies of Animal and Range Science degree holders. These people put their liberal educations to work doing what is best for our animal cousins. And they do a fine job. In places like Yellowstone there are signs protecting the animals from the irreparable harm that well-meaning but misguided humans can do to their DNA cousins. The explanations for why well-educated animal and range science experts insist on posting these signs in areas specifically set aside to protect non humans are pretty simple. If we allow the feeding of wildlife via handouts, these creatures will learn to become dependent on the handouts, and stop functioning as independent creatures able to procure food for themselves.

Of course these assertions are scientifically sound because they are steeped in fundamental truths regarding ALL LIVING CREATURES. Study after study shows that to survive and thrive, living creatures must be able to fend for themselves.

With a clear conscience Democrats will pound the table declaring that 1) evolution is steeped in truth, 2) human beings are inextricably tied to the animal kingdom with shared DNA, 3) we should respect the fundamental need for the independence of animals and maintain a natural system.......because it what is best for the long term survival of all species

Fair far.
Next our leftist friends, with an equally clear conscience, will call for a bloated welfare state in the human habitat that offers much more than just free food. We are to simply destroy all references to the need for independence of humans by tearing down the equivalent of all Please Don't Feed The Wildlife signs and policies.

Democrats constantly insist on doing just the opposite of what they argue for with all other species. Somehow, what they think is best for humans is precisely the opposite of what they think is best for all of God's other creatures. Except of course Democrats don't reference God. That would be offensive to atheists.

Somehow Democrats want us to all be part of nature and respect the fundamental laws of nature ….EXCEPT OF COURSE WHEN THESE PRINCIPLES SHOULD ALSO BE APPLIED TO HUMANS. Yep, we are all part of the animal kingdom with shared DNA and shared basic nature…..except when Democrats say we aren’t.

Of course these leftists get the scientific assumptions correct when managing wildlife and wrong when “managing” human beings lives. Accordingly, it is utterly fascinating to listen as leftists never quite figure out why LBJ’s handout driven War on Poverty hasn’t worked. Most call for more free food and other free handout programs. They demand this for members of their own species, while they somehow argue that it is cruel, mean, and shortsighted to do this same thing for our DNA cousins better known as all "other species" in the very same animal kingdom.

Don't feel bad for your Democrat friends and relatives! Their explanations for the arguments they have with themselves wind up on a very positive note. They humbly conclude after exchanges on this topic that they are far more compassionate and morally superior than any mean greedy human bastard who points out the absurd inconsistencies in their thinking.

Merry Christmas!