To hell with hard work

Betsy McCaughey wrote an incredible article for Investor's Business Daily near year end. It serves as the inspiration for this column.

Have you ever observed American teenagers and wondered if they are somehow different than we were when we were teenagers? Well they are.

Simply watch street interviews on one of many news shows when a random sample of today’s teens are asked basic questions. You will find an incredibly ignorant lot. In fact, American teens rank just 28th in the world these days in math and science knowledge. Countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan produce bright adults. The American education system, which is not much more than a Democratic Party indoctrination machine that is teaching things that are simply irrelevant, produces millions of rubes. Many work the system for handouts after their student loan cash flow runs out.

U.S. scores on the main test for elementary and middle school education, (NAEP) are plunging and SAT scores for college-bound students are atrocious.

What is happening? Obama was going to transform America. He funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into public education. He was going to bridge the racial and income gaps in our country through government "investments" in government monopoly education. He was going to help lift the nation out of the abyss caused by George W. Bush and No Child Left Behind.

Yea, sure he was.

Instead of real reforms what Obama has done is orchestrate the most elaborate con ever played on America. The Obama political drumbeat goes something like this. Educational bureaucrats need more money because too many Americans cling to their bibles and their guns. The biggest problem we have (besides it being too warm in Chicago in the winter) is there is racism everywhere even in the schools. This racism explains all of the gun violence. And not enough people care about the education of minorities. Oh yes and we Americans are pretty racist towards poor immigrants. We are holding them down. And all of this Obama says, explains all of the poverty.

Sure it does.

Does anyone want to talk all the races that make up our  immigrant population? Let's talk about Asian-American children.....the sons and daughters of recent immigrants. These children dominate academically in America. And of course many Asian-American recent immigrant students come from "poor" families. However, these children distance themselves from all other students groups by large margins when it comes to academic achievement. This is true, regardless of how you measure achievement. And this lead just keeps widening.

How does this happen with all the anti-immigrant sentiment in a still hopelessly racist America that Obama laments regularly? In Asian-American households the parents tend to supervise their children's homework and Asian parents hold their kids strictly accountable for grades. More than any other group they demand hard work every single day. Of course nothing, except more laziness prevents all the other ethnic groups Obama holds dear from doing the same.

What is the Democrat response to the academic excellence of Asian-Americans? What do they think of achievement that is propelled by solid parents doing their jobs keeping their kids motivated? Democrats want to change the system and water down the results of the Asian’s hard work and commitment to excellence. You want some proof? Look no farther than New York City where Asian-Americans make up only 13% of overall students. In New York, Asian-Americans win more than 50% of all of the spots at the city's eight highly selective public high schools. Of course there is no difference in IQ in the Asian-American population. What you will find however, is a huge difference in parenting efforts. While the parents of whites, blacks, and Hispanic do comparatively little in the way of parental oversight of academics, Asian-American parents are hands on all of the time.

Sorry Democrats, there is no racial bias. Lousy parents of all races produce lousy kids. To combat the cause-effect process of disengaged parents many charter schools require parents to sign a contract that they will supervise their children's homework and demand work ethic. It is no wonder Democrats hate charter schools. Charter schools are under direct attack by many Democratic Party politicians. In New York City, Clinton clone Mayor Bill De Blasio has joined hands with the NAACP to kill academic excellence in the Asian-American community. He wants to eliminate the "competitive exam" for the city's eight selective high schools. Essentially, De Blasio wants to control admissions and limit the number of Asian students in New York City's best schools. This Democrat is just fine with cheating poor, mostly immigrant and first-generation Asian kids out of their steadfast efforts to obtain a world-class education.

Author Dennis Saffran explains all of this in his epic work, "The Plot Against Merit." Instead of rewarding great parenting, Democrats want to punish their efforts so our system continues to mass produce the same sort of morons we see wandering around the nation these days without a clue about math or science let alone American history.

The reason why Democrats sweep Asian-American immigrant achievements under the racial discussion rug is simple. There is no “victim” to be served by big government in the Asian community model of great parenting. And bigger government is the sole aim of the Democratic Party. Good parenting might put some government program at risk.

God help us if Hillary Clinton is empowered to continue this process. She will.