Martin Luther King Day has been ruined

Let’s make this short and sweet. Martin Luther King’s dreams have been killed…..killed by the self-appointed leaders of the black community in America. 

Why do I say this on Martin Luther King Day? It is because long gone are the days when we heard totally legitimate cries for complete “racial integration.”

It would seem the captains of the race baiting industry (that is diversity if you are PC) have decided that integration is no longer the preferred way to um… unearned preferences.

What is a preference? That would be a policy or law that discriminates against whites in favor of blacks and “other minorities.” Of course the entire race baiting industry (that is diversity industry if you are PC) has quietly shunned the entire Asian American community for working too hard and actually achieving on school tests etc. that were um….supposed to be cynically designed to favor whites only.

There is more. Take various places in Portland, Oregon where black community leaders openly lament the fact that “white people” now choose to live in their communities. According to these incoherent shrills, having whites around in predominantly black areas is now “bad,” simply because it somehow messes up their culture. And efforts by retailer Trader Joes to locate in Portland have been thwarted by campaigns organized by the “leadership” of the black community. The problem with Trader Joes according to black leaders in Portland? Trader Joes is company.

In the end it is clear now that it really does not matter what government, or even the army of naïve bleeding heart leftist fools do for the self-appointed leaders in the black community. There is no satisfying this self-appointed leadership of a grievance group in America today and the hacks like Hillary Clinton who patronize them for political purposes.

Empowered by the racial paranoia by their most popular cultural icon (Barack Hussein Obama), blacks like Spike Lee even reject how Americans have embraced Lee’s total lack of talent. As such, Lee announced today, on Martin Luther King’s birthday, that he is boycotting the Oscar’s. Why? Because get this…… how "white" this year’s Oscar nominees are. 

Nobody but Spike Lee, who has never produced anything of artistic merit or value, could think he was discriminated against in a country that has bent over backwards to enable him to kid himself into thinking he is important. This is true despite the fact that he is completely devoid of talent and skill.

I boycott the Oscars every year. Hollywood is an industry that sells films featuring violent gun-toting themes 24-7-52 weeks a year....while giving money to Obama who laments a culture of gun violence. Hypocrites one and all. Spike Lee usurps them all. A hypocrite on multiple levels.

All of this goes on and on as Martin Luther King twists in his grave. Poor Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and many others who are my heroes; what embarrassment it is to watch this absurdity unfold. 

They deserve better.