Thanks public education and Hollywood

© 2016 Jim Spence - History is littered with the economic failures of socialism. Every American should know this. Too few do. This explains how Bernie Sanders can gather so many votes. 

And of course, the great irony is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are socialists too. The only difference between Obama and Clinton, versus Sanders, is both Obama and Clinton are under the mistaken impression that Americans actually know that socialism does not work. Accordingly Obama and Clinton have never labeled their deep preference for socialist policies as “socialism.”

It is ironic that Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution of socialism when he is actually in favor of virtually every big government idea that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ever conceived. Bernie Sanders has supported every curb on freedom that has already been foisted on the American people by Obama. Sanders not only embraces oppressive anti-freedom socialist laws like Obamacare, he embraces U.S. Constitution defying agency actions taken by the E.P.A.  Sanders has supported the dictatorship-like actions that have produced the results he now roundly criticizes.

While Hillary Clinton has resorted to praising everything about Obama in the hopes of capturing black primary voters, Sanders is railing indignantly at the status quo he has helped craft. This is some revolution he is promoting. The truth is both Sanders and Clinton are not only revolting, they are revolting against themselves.

Why don’t millions of Americans know any of this?
The answer is simple. The influence of public education and Hollywood has poisoned millions of minds. The great scandal of public education is that it simply refuses to teach students why free enterprise works and socialism fails. Public education is the most corrupt institution in America because it always goes back for more resources and is allotted more money to waste……from socialists. Public education has no incentive to teach Americans how to raise their living standards through free enterprise because public education raises its own living standards via a corrupt relationship with socialist Democrats.

What role does Hollywood play in insuring Americans don’t understand free enterprise? It is a great irony that the entertainment industry, while engaging in virtually unregulated free enterprise, cranks out one feature film and TV show after another that casts free enterprise as evil. It is the socialists who are the heroes in the pop culture carefully crafted by Hollywood.

Hollywood also makes sure minorities remain uninformed. Despite millions of examples of blacks and Hispanics climbing the ladder of free enterprise success in America, along with public education and pop culture icons, Hollywood continuously advances the false narrative that free enterprise rigs the system against minorities. It is the greatest paradox of all that Hollywood engages in free enterprise to destroy free enterprise.

How uninformed is the America we live in today? Few Americans know that Donald Trump is hardly a self-made man. Few realize his wealth came, not from his abilities or wisdom, but from those of his father. Most Americans think Trump is some sort of business genius. And few Americans know Trump stiffed thousands of people out of their money with several bankruptcy filings that left his inherited wealth intact…..while those who relied on his big promises got screwed.

In the end, it is pretty hard to undo what public education and Hollywood has done to America. Allowing public education to corrupt the minds of several generations of Americans has finally produced a nation that contains too many uninformed rubes. More than ever before Americans now know so many things that simply aren’t true.

Thirty-six years ago we temporarily fixed this increasingly dangerous situation when Ronald Reagan helped America understand that government….“Wasn’t the solution, government was the problem.” 

Sadly and due mostly to public education and Hollywood, we have unlearned the lesson about the dangers of big government all over again. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want us to unlearn that tough lesson even more. 

Astonishingly, Donald Trump may be our only hope to reverse this pathetic trend.