Oh Jimmy

© 2016 Jim Spence - Oh my Lord. The Democrats have re-discovered the U.S. Constitution.  Well part of it anyway.

After seven years of supporting utter fascism, the Democrats demand that the GOP be held to a very strict interpretation of what they think the rules are on the replacement of Antonin Scalia.

Control of the Supreme Court is so important to progressives the dead judge’s body was not cold yet before Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were indignantly calling for confirmation hearings of Scalia’s replacement…….appointed by King Obama. We want advice and consent they crowed, and we want it right now!

Politics has always been a messy business, but Democrats have managed to shed all premises that they were constrained by the U.S. Constitution under King Obama. Let’s take a quick peek at the Nixonian law and order Democrats.

Democrats have seen to it that Lois Lerner and other Obama supporters were allowed to use the IRS as a political police force to intimidate and block non-Democrats from engaging in the same political activities as…..Democrats. So outrageous and illegal was Lerner’s conduct at the IRS, that when she was subpoenaed to explain it, she invoked her 5th Amendment protections and refused to testify. 

Imagine the consequences of Lerner’s behavior. Yep, you will have to imagine them because the Justice Department let her get away with everything she did without any legal repercussions whatsoever. Why did Lois Lerner get away it? Because the law is very malleable. It doesn’t apply to Democrats.

Speaking of the Justice Department, Eric Holder, the person who should have nailed Lerner to the cross for her Gestapo like behavior, was actually censured by the Congress himself. Why? He ignored subpoenas to provide information on his own gun running operations that got several government agents killed. Holder was caught telling blatant lies to the Senate. He lied under oath without consequence. Why did Holder get away with it? You can break the law and ignore subpoenas if you are a Democrat.

Then of course there is Harry Reid, the grand master of Senate rule manipulating shenanigans. Reid broke every Senate rule so that Obamacare could pass in the middle of the night by one vote giving almighty government untold control of our lives.

We could talk about how the EPA has turned itself into a legislative body, essentially making law that destroys companies and industries under King Obama. Or we could talk about how the Energy Department makes loans to Obama cronies, loans that had no hopes of ever being repaid. This was all done under the guise of saving the planet. No consequences.

Now that Judge Scalia is dead the Democrats want to define precisely the time frame for the Senate’s advice and consent on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Obama will no doubt have a nominee within a month in an effort to try to force the Senate to dance to his latest tune.

Sorry Charlie. Elections do have consequences and the GOP, which won elections to control the Senate, can and will take its sweet time vetting the latest Marxist who will no doubt be offered up for a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land.

Just like the State Department has taken its sweet time in releasing all of the redacted versions of Hillary Clinton’s non-classified (top secret) emails she sent and received on an unprotected server, the Senate may never even get the nominee up for a vote. They are going to go slow.

Get ready for howls of indignant pain.

There is an inherent problem in doing end runs around the U.S. Constitution for seven years. Eventually you have to punt. And it is a real shame when your opponents invoke completely legal ways to put stonewalling and delays into their own playbook.

There is a perfect analogy for all of this. The Democrats think of the U.S. Constitution like Jimmy Swaggert thinks of the Bible. It is a document they point to when they aren’t riding around with hookers in their limousines.  In the days, weeks, and months ahead Democrats are going to be prancing around stages all over America preaching to anyone dumb enough to listen, about the importance of “righteousness.”