A curious value system

© 2016 Jim Spence - If you watch the Democratic debates they can provide unmistakable clues regarding the value systems of people who vote in the Democratic primaries.
Consider Bernie Sanders. Bernie loves to go after Hillary Clinton for her “Wall Street” connections. He finds it despicable that she has taken millions from New York-based securities firms, but won’t release the transcripts of her paid speeches to these firm’s employees. Bernie gets downright furious when he claims that her friends on Wall Street “destroyed” the U.S. economy.
It is actually a pretty amusing assessment of the economy, considering the rapid pace of the advance of socialistic policies under Barack Obama. With total control of the government for the first two years of his presidency, and far-reaching executive orders ever since, plus Sanders votes every step of the way; Obama was able to shape the same economic conditions Sanders now thinks are so bad.
Sanders says the economy has been destroyed, but he does not blame the anti-business socialist environment he and Obama created, instead, he blames the ever convenient boogieman……“Wall Street.”
It is fascinating to observe the media moderators at the Democratic debates. The moderators have actually stopped prompting Sanders when it comes to the fact that Clinton purposely did an end run around highly secured federal government protocols designed to protect secret information while she was Secretary of State. Bernie knows his opponent instructed her employees to scrub the words “classified” from the headings before re-sending them. And he knows she lied when she said she never sent classified emails. Mrs. Clinton committed several crimes that are now very well known, thanks to her own email releases. And the public does not trust Mrs. Clinton because they know, thanks to her own statements and emails, that she is a liar. Bernie knows this too. Why doesn’t Bernie harp on this? Why have the media monitors actually stopped asking Bernie about these crimes during “debates?” 
Perhaps a little background can easily explain the Democrat world view on lying about national security and how Mrs. Clinton and Sanders fit pretty snugly there.
Mrs. Clinton is known almost universally, thanks to several books written by Secret Service agents who worked on her detail, for her deep dislike and utter disrespect for those who were and still are responsible for protecting her. It is a curious thing. People who guard her are the ones she treats the worst (she is actually very mean and contemptuous towards almost everyone).
It is also very well known that Mrs. Clinton abhors the military. She has an almost pathological hatred for armed service and law enforcement uniforms, as well as a deep disgust for people wearing those uniforms. Again these are the people who not only protect her, but are part of the group of people she claims, in her speeches, to be fighting for. It is an amazing phenomenon. Clinton's disregard for security people is reflected in the way Mrs. Clinton mishandled Benghazi as well as top secret information. 
The reason why it is a felony to not protect your communications when you have top secret clearance is simple. The U.S. government employs thousands of national security agents in the field overseas. These men and women face grave dangers every day (like those in Benghazi). When information regarding their operations is breached, these people can be identified and killed. Hundreds of people have gone to jail for transgressions in this area because they cause deaths.
Why won’t Bernie Sanders talk about Clinton’s lies on the deaths of people in Benghazi or her utter disregard for the safety of other people serving overseas? The answer is pretty simple. Bernie doesn’t really care either. Sanders thinks freedom of speech and freedom to come and go as he pleases is just like everything else in his fantasy world. It is simply FREE because he thinks it should be free.
Bernie Sanders does not devote any time or energy to think or talk about terrorism policies. He has his own big bad boogie men that he prefers to condemn and attack. And his enemies are not gun-toting and bomb-building Islamic terrorists. No, the real danger to America in Bernie’s world, are business people who sign paychecks each week. Bernie thinks most business people exploit their workers. He thinks anyone who takes risks, and is successful, should be targeted for abuse. What they earn should be confiscated for the greater good. Most Democrats agree and Hillary parrots Bernie on this topic because business people, like Secret Service agents, police officers, and soldiers, are just pawns in her power world.
So there you have it. Bernie Sanders could not care less that Hillary has been jeopardizing American agents out working in the danger zones around the world. He finds it easy to dismiss her criminal handling of classified information as not important. He simply doesn’t care about such things. In fact Bernie cares so little, he doesn’t even care if many other Democrats do care about these important laws and find her to be a liar.
Indifference towards the lives of these people speaks volumes about the value system of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of Democrats. In the end most Democrats will look past Mrs. Clinton’s crimes and also look past the fact that they do not find her to be trustworthy. You see, trustworthiness is just not an important part of that value system.