My experience with Trump

© 2016 Jim Spence - Not many people know this fact, but I have my own experience with Trump and I think it is time to share that experience with everyone else who is also trying to figure out what to make of the 2016 election season.
It was March of 2012 when my experience with Trump came. I had wrecked my back a few years earlier when I ruptured my L-5 / S-1 disc. The disc had disintegrated. The back injury happened when I was lifting a nun out of her wheelchair and on to her bed inside a van so she could go back to Sioux City, Iowa. He name was Sister Anna Waldschmidt and she had stayed in our house for a couple of months to say goodbye to her friends here in Las Cruces. Sister Anna was a progressive Democrat who was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease. Sadly, I best remember Sister Anna for her role in destroying my back before she died. Not only did my last experience with Sister Anna destroy my back, she managed to solidify my take on progressive Democrats permanently during her stay.
I had returned from a trip to Chicago where I had discovered that it was actually illegal in the entire state of Illinois for our firm to be hired to manage public funds there. Why was it illegal for Illinois to hire us?  It was because of my race. I was the majority owner of my firm and I am a white man. You see the state law is clear in Democrat-run Illinois. Firms that are owned by white men cannot be hired to manage funds there…..unless the firm is big……managing MORE than $10 billion.
the staples in my back a week or so after my surgery
When I returned to our home and told Sister Anna of the incredibly discriminatory statute in Illinois, she shrugged it off as no big deal and said, “You white men have been running this country for hundreds of years." 
There was an awkward pause. "You are the oppressors,” she added for additional emphasis.
I was stunned that after we opened up our home to her and provided personal care-taking service for her, that she would characterize me as an “oppressor.” But she did. It is the world view of a progressive Democrat.
I actually looked the word "oppressor" up on the online dictionary. It seems I had good reason to be stunned. Being called an "oppressor" is not a compliment. But I digress about my experience with Trump.

A few years after I injured my back lifting Sister Anna, I finally stopped putting off the major back surgery I needed. I was in agony every day. One of my doctors called me a week after the surgery and let me know I would need to walk a couple of miles a day to fully recover. Almost immediately I knew I needed a walking buddy because I would be more disciplined if I were obligated to walk a dog every day. I had always wanted to get a labradoodle puppy, so I started shopping online and found one.
Apollo with me on the San Juan River
When the puppy arrived he was adorable. However, there was only a HUGE problem. The breeder we bought the pup from had named him “Trump.” 
Kristi and I agreed we didn’t want to call this dog Trump. Both of us were familiar with Trump. We knew he had inherited a couple of hundred million dollars, which was fine. But we also knew he had skimmed many millions of dollars in fees and salary from several projects financed with other people’s money that later filed bankruptcy. We also saw how he acted as if he made his money instead of getting it from others, especially his daddy. We were not exactly taken in by all of the Trump shtick. We also knew he, like Bill Clinton, was a predator when it came to young females. He liked bragging about being with young attractive women. Most important of all we knew that anything Trump said, including a wedding vow, was a convenient promise to be broken as soon as it became inconvenient.
The puppy had a cool looking square patch of gray hair right under his lower lip. It reminded us of the facial hair of speed skater Apollo Ono. We decided to change the dog’s name from Trump to Apollo.
Apollo going after a fish I caught
It is with great irony that we may be facing a decision in November. I am mindful of the two titanium rods in my back, the two plates and four screws in my vertebrae, the artificial disc between those bones, and the steel mesh cage surrounding all the rest of the hardware. The damage to my back came courtesy of a progressive Democrat, who lived with us gratis for two months, and found it very easy to brand me as an "oppressor." There is no doubt that Sister Anna would be voting for Hillary Clinton in November if she were still alive. No doubt many men and women voting for Hillary think most white men are oppressors too.
It would seem that unless the GOP unites behind Ted Cruz that our other choice will be Trump.

What will I do facing such a dilemma? Will I hold my nose and vote for Trump, knowing what a phoney he is? Yes, I will vote for him. You see he will have to do if the other choices are either Hillary Clinton, who belongs in jail, or the Communist Bernie Sanders who belongs in North Korea. 

I don't kid myself. Trump is not genuine, faithful, or honest. So he will never be good enough to be my DOG. My dog's name is Apollo.