Dirty, filthy, politics

© 2016 Jim Spence - What is going on out there in the political world seems like nothing less than anarchy. But it is actually pretty explainable. Some people attribute the high levels of utter incivility to the age old philosophical battles between conservatives and liberals. What is going on in 2016 is not attributable to clashing philosophies.

It is time to concede that the liberals won the philosophical battles at the ballot box years ago. We live in a world that is pretty much run by progressive Democrats. It has been this way for decades. It is a way of life in our public education system and in pop culture.

How do we know the progressive Democrats won? Look around you. Consider all of the taxes and fees to government you pay. Consider how government runs your health care and the place where you work......wherever it is and whatever you do. Consider how many rules and regulations you comply with no matter what. We have had a country that saw election victories move back and forth between Democrats and Republicans for decades. But the size and scope of government influence over our entire lives has never shrunk during my lifetime. Government only grows fast or grows slow. It never shrinks.

On the other hand, while the size, scope, and escalating cost of the federal government skyrockets, these days just under half of all adults pay so much as a nickel of federal income tax to support  the federal government. In other words, the great, powerful, and fast expanding government, that is supposedly serving all citizens in ways that are considered absolutely essential, is only paid for by half of all adults.

How do you know when government has gotten way too big, way too powerful, and way too expensive? There are many tell tale signs. The national debt doubles in seven years. During the Obama presidency more debt is accumulated than during all of his predecessors combined.

Then of course there is the dirty and filthy nature of politics. This is the most recognizable sign that the battle for control of government is the ultimate high stakes battle. All sense of integrity goes out of the process. There are no rules. The stakes are way too high. When government controls everything, virtually unlimited resources will be thrown at presidential elections to gain control of hundreds of millions of people.

How did it all come to this?

Ironically, we started with the nation going to the opposite direction. The Articles of Confederation, which was the rule book after the Revolutionary War, created a very loose alliance of separate states. The locals made the rules and refused to be dictated to from Washington D.C. When this proved to be a structure that was too weak for practical purposes, the U.S. Constitution was written. But the U.S. Constitution was written with STRICT protections in mind for all of the citizens of the nation. The protections were to protect us from the natural nature of power hungry men. The framers knew that once a little power accumulated in Washington D.C. the men going there to govern would grab for more power. The first ten safeguards (The Bill of Rights) were put in place to specifically curb this very predictable power grab.
Slowly but surely the power grab gained traction anyway. And if you fast forward 227 years, you find that the document that was once beautifully amended to free slaves and emancipate women, has largely been turned on its end by a court system as the power hungry pressed for more and more control. It would seem that federal judges also like being considered important, rather than simply and strictly interpreting the basic protections built into our rule book to prevent the success of power grabs.

It has become fashionable in Democratic Party circles in recent decades to make fun of the U.S. Constitution. And this disregard for obeying the basic governing rules of our society, or amending the U.S. Constitution has helped Obama in his incredible power grabs. Democrats don't hesitate to support unconstitutional positions and successfully argue them before the courts. They love for the population to believe that there is tons of ambiguity in the document. There isn't.

How do you know when government has gotten too big, too expensive, and too powerful? The entrenched power figures in both parties are shocked by how their constituents are acting out.
The acting out is predictable. When total control of the citizenry is at stake, you can expect politicians to say and do anything to win. And increasingly you can expect controlled citizens to display a level of rage at how they have been sold out in ways that have never quite been seen before.

All of this anger and frustration is going to get much worse before it gets better. When government grows this powerful, the dynamics of what constitutes decent behavior are null and void.

When the rules are suspended for some.......eventually they get suspended for all. We are there.