Obama's Excellent Adventure

© 2016 Jim Spence  We went fishing this week and were holed up in a rental house on the San Juan River, thanks to forty and fifty mile per hour winds. We had plenty of time to watch as the aftermath of the Brussels terror attacks unfold on the television news networks.

If you have lived long enough, you can’t help but be reminded of just how long radical Islamic terrorists have been waging a war on civilization as we know it. Consider the 1972 Olympic Games. They were shattered by Islamic killers, intent on destroying an event that featured athletes from countries all around the civilized world. Headline grabbing mass murder events, orchestrated by Muslims, have never stopped.

Unfortunately, over the decades the civilized world has alternated between recognizing the war being waged against it by Muslims, and ignoring it. Increasingly in Europe and in the U.S. we have let our guards down on common sense immigration policies. In Europe they have been been creating zones where Islamic communities have grown pretty much independent of law and order. There, terror cells fester.

The advent of the internet has changed every industry on the planet including the radical Islamic mass murder indoctrination industry. These days, the mass killings you have seen in Paris, San Bernardino, and Brussels are also a part of the digital age. Recruiting is done via remote locations.

Consider how Democrats have evolved their reaction to mass murder since 9-11. And consider how their standard bearer, Barack Obama, represents the mindset of most Democrats today. If someone points out the fact that Islam is the common thread in this terrible war against civilization, since it was the religion of the killers in Munich in 1972 and is the religion of the killers in Brussels in 2016, you aren’t connecting the dots, instead, your are an Islam-phobic bigot. And if you are leery of allowing more immigrants from Muslim countries to come to America, you don't have common sense, you are a bigot.
The pattern is clear. Mr. Obama finds the idea that he needs to have a real plan to deal with tens of thousands of murderers who embrace radical Islam...to be a nuisance. He has more important things to do......like rub elbows with Marxist dictators. Each time there is a mass murder here or abroad, Obama feels compelled to take a few annoying questions on the subject at a annoying press conference. And when the media notes his tone of indifference at the press conference, he usually follows up the next day with an insincere, but more emphatic assertion of his intent to get serious about mass murders. But of course Obama never does get serious. Instead, he calls for the U.S. to take even more Muslim immigrants from Syria. 
Why would Obama insist on ignoring the fact that Muslim transplants are the most likely source of new terrorists? Why does Obama argue vainly that NOT all Muslims are terrorists, which is true but irrelevant because he ignores that fact that nearly all terrorists are Muslims? Obama’s indifference to all of this, and the Democrats pretend game regarding racism and radical Islam is the most startling betrayal on our national security in 240 years.
It was an amazing coincidence that Obama was in Cuba embracing the Castro brothers earlier this week. As we watched him help legitimize these freedom-hating butchers, I was reminded of the harrowing stories told to me by the widow of a Cuban born pediatrician, who fled the Castro regime and landed in Las Cruces decades ago. What an irony that Mr. Obama finds little fault with these men who have jailed and killed many thousands of dissidents in Cuba, and continue to do so to this day. JFK and Harry Truman must be rolling over in their graves.
Disgracefully, Mr. Obama flew Air Force One from Cuba to Argentina later in the week. Argentina is a jurisdiction that has confiscated more private property than any other country in the western hemisphere, except those run by Marxist dictators. There Obama was filmed doing the tango at the same time his underlings were admitting to Congress that men he released from the Guantanamo Bay prison had killed Americans after he inexplicably set them free.
The following day in Argentina Obama baffled us all when he suggested that there is very little difference between capitalism and communism. What he must have meant by that absurd statement was there is very little difference between himself and the Castros. And on this comparison he made a point we could all agree with.