History revision.....it's everywhere

Oswald's sniper nest - right of three arches
© 2016 Jim Spence Revising history is one of the most favored activities of progressive Democrats. You encounter this phenomenon in every nook and cranny of the national narrative. You see historic revision in the way the founding fathers are dealt with because Democrats find it helpful to destroy the legacy of Jefferson, Washington, and Madison. Replacing the personal freedom threads running through the U.S. Constitution with George Orwell’s 1984 is an ideal.
We visited Dallas last week and made a trip to historic Dealey Plaza. In the building now known as the Sixth Floor Museum, a structure that was formerly called the Texas School Book Depository Building, there is a shrine to John F. Kennedy. It was of course on the sixth floor of this building, that Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rifle and murdered Kennedy.
Though conspiracy theories regarding the murder of JFK abound, amateur photographer Abraham Zapruder's film captured the essence of a horrible day in America in 1963 when JFK was assassinated. This film cannot be revised. 
The Sixth Floor Museum involves an arrangement of historical pictures and videos documenting JFK’s presidency. Visitors receive a headset with earphones and they hear a narrator describe the historical background behind each photograph. Unfortunately, JFK.org the non-profit that runs the museum, engages in amazing historic revision. The visit to this eerie place culminates when visitors walk past the sniper’s nest Oswald constructed out of boxes on the corner of the sixth floor facing Elm Street. However, the tour begins with the story of JFK’s election victory over Richard Nixon. It is at this point in the tour were the Democrats do their revisionist sculpting and omission handiwork. The narrator on the audio headsets states that once in office, the economy suddenly boomed under Kennedy. This is certainly true, there was a tremendous economic boom that followed shortly after JFK's election. The question would be....why? At the museum there is absolutely no explanation as to why the economy started to boom or how Kennedy's policies actually engineered the remarkable economic reversal from the stagnation that had set in after World War II.
JFK.org chooses to make no mention of Kennedy rolling back the growth destroying high tax rate legacies of FDR, policies that continued under both Truman and Eisenhower.
Amateur photographer Zapruder's vantage point
It would seem that much to the chagrin of progressive Democrats, history records that JFK was an income tax rate cutter. JFK had the wisdom to roll back oppressive income tax rates on both corporations and individuals. Economic history, which Democrats running education are loath to include in curriculum, records that both JFK and Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts unleashed economic booms.
Defenders of JFK.org might suggest that perhaps a discussion of intelligent economic policies is just not the emphasis of this museum. Therefore, it is not necessary to explain how the boom occurred under JFK. Fair enough.
However, in this presidential assassination museum, civil rights is a big emphasis in the JFK legacy narrative. Civil rights has little to do with the assassination either. Accordingly, it is instructive to see how history gets revised with convenient “omissions” of the civil rights facts during the JFK era.
It cannot be a coincidence that the Sixth Floor Museum glosses over the fact that it was Republican Senators (not Democrats) who helped LBJ pass landmark civil rights legislation that was originally introduced by JFK. The GOP passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act over the emphatic objections of.......Democrats.
The location of JFK when fatal shot struck him
Let's forget the Sixth Floor Museum and JFK.org for a moment. All one has to do to understand how much historic revision is going on is to simply attend any public school civics class when it is covering the 1960’s civil rights movement. When the unit is completed you would never know from sitting in on the instruction that a higher percentage of Republicans voted for the landmark civil rights legislation in 1964 than Democrats. The revision of civil rights history is actually a political movement. Millions of progressive Democrat curriculum engineers can be counted on to make sure that no students are ever exposed to the fact that former KKK member and West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd actually conducted a filibuster to stop the 1964 Civil Rights legislation, only to have the filibuster broken by the GOP. Look it up.
This is the world we live in. Everything is political including the crassly cynical revising of history to make history what Democrats want it to be. Because the GOP is slow on the uptake, Republicans have gradually ceded control of the public school system to Democrats over the last three generations. As such, American children are no longer taught fundamental truths. Instead, they are spoon fed revisionist history at every turn. Real history is laden with facts regarding the economic efficacy of keeping tax rates low for the most productive sectors of the U.S. economy. It is also laden with facts regarding Democratic Party filibusters of Civil Rights legislation in 1964. However, even the Kennedy family itself would prefer an ever larger government, to the teaching of fundamental truths. JFK.org wants more than anything for more power to accrue to the Democratic Party power machine. Simply teaching successive generations of Americans the truth about Kennedy’s powerful tax cuts is not important. It is a pity. A historic pity.