Mitt Romney - picking up his marbles and going home

© 2016 Jim Spence You have to hand it to Mitt Romney. He is very upset because he sees a wave of “populism” sweeping through the GOP.
Mitt Romney is a paradox. When Governor of Massachusetts he made dumb deals with Democrats every other day to hold power. His explanation was that because he is a businessman, he is "flexible." Some of the Romney contradictions were very stark. Accordingly, the GOP voters noticed during the 2008 election season. Ultimately and equally as foolish, the GOP primary voters rejected Romney in favor of John McCain in 2008.
John McCain was and still is a war hero. That is pretty much it for him. McCain voted against intelligent policies that catapulted America back from the recession that set in at the end of the Clinton presidency. John McCain also voted against tapping oil reserves in the federal government’s mosquito infested frozen swamps near the Arctic Circle. McCain is a dumb big government Republican.
Perhaps a bit of economic history is in order. America has been saddled with three terrible economies since the end of WWII. John F. Kennedy inherited the big government over-taxed malaise of the FDR era that was continued under Truman and Eisenhower. JFK slashed personal income tax rates across the board and an economic boom quickly ensued.
Ronald Reagan took over an economy that was in terrible shape after LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter all increased taxes as well as the size and scope of government. Reagan slashed personal income tax rates across the board and an economic boom quickly ensued.
George W. Bush inherited an economy that went in the tanks after the tech bubble burst and the 9-11 attacks smashed the global economic environment. Bush slashed personal income tax rates across the board and an economic boom quickly ensued, America experienced the fastest rates of economic growth since the Reagan and JFK tax cuts.
After four nightmarish years of Obama anyone with half a brain knew he was fundamentally destroying America. By 2012 virtually half of the country (47%) was not contributing a dime in federal income tax to support Obama’s fat and more bloated/over-extended government. Romney addressed this problem in a speech during a private fundraiser. With the help of the media, the parasites in the Democratic Party called foul. Democrats and the news media feel it is unfair to point out the fact that half the nation is freeloading. Instead of re-iterating the truth about freeloaders, Romney chose to backslide and pretend he meant something else. It was at this moment that most of us knew how flexibly corrupt Romney was capable of being. Of course we voted for Mitt Romney anyway as we knew another four years of the American version of Fidel Castro was unthinkable.
Please fast forward to 2016. These days Mitt Romney is very upset. Why? It seems that another flexible guy, just like Romney, has won the GOP nomination. The problem is the nominee isn’t the one Romney supported. 
Personality-wise Donald Trump is certainly no Mitt Romney. Trump likes pretty women, lots of them. Romney is a one-woman man. Trump even likes to brag about his female conquests while Romney brags about his grand kids. However, much like Romney, Trump is rich thanks to the tremendous boost of inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars from his daddy.
The main difference between Trump and Romney is that Mitt Romney is slick and Donald Trump is coarse. It seems that Romney is somehow astonished that there is so much “populism” out there in America. Populism of course is a form of political appeal that includes grains of truth, something Mitt is all too familiar with. Romney was OK with the truth too…….sometimes. Now he says he won’t support Trump because of his high standards. Hmmmm. What about those of us who made the same sacrifice when we voted for him?