The Obama and Chavez legacies crystalizing

© 2016 Jim Spence “If you like your health insurance you can keep it.” 
In 2016 every citizen, whether Democrat or Republican, now knows that this statement, which Mr. Obama echoed repeatedly as he pushed for the government takeover of healthcare, was nothing but a bald-faced lie.
Still, if you talk to Democrats, they will shrug off the Obama lie. Obama Democrats remind me of the Nixon Republicans. I have spoken with many Nixon defenders. Like Obama defenders they manage to shrug off corruption too easily. Most often Nixon defenders said of such deceit, “Everyone does it, everyone lies.”
Well there you go.
Kristi and I have had our health insurance policies cancelled three consecutive years. We know many others who have had theirs cancelled too. Essentially we have already spent dozens of hours the last three years shopping for third rate policies. Since Obamacare went into effect, our out of pocket maximums have skyrocketed from $500 to $6,500 and our prescription coverage has gone from good to terrible. The good news is post menopausal Kristi does have maternity coverage thanks to the one-size-fits-all mandates imposed by the Democrats running the government and healthcare.
Of course the real problem with America is ignorance..........ignorance perpetuated by Democrats. Consider how many times the government has seized control of something and ruined it. This is not a new phenomenon. Think about air mail service, which was taken over by the federal government shortly after Franklin Roosevelt took power. The Democrats did not like the “profiteering” going on with mail service, so they demanded that the government be put in charge to replace greedy private contractors. Dozens of plane crashes later (and poor service to go with it), Mr. Roosevelt admitted that the private sector needed to run air mail service. Nobody admits these things today. We double down instead.
Riots in Venezuela
There are so many examples of the government overpowering the private sector and then screwing up important areas of life that would be better served by the private sector, you can’t count them all. Obamacare is but another large scale example. Why are we surprised it is a disaster?
This week there are two more examples of how poorly things get run by government. These examples are rearing their ugly heads and making headlines. It seems that government control of everything is finally going mission critical in Venezuela. And there are such profound shortages of basic essentials like food and water that the people there are rioting. It seems that Hugo Chavez’s handpicked socialist successor, Mr. Maduro may well start to fear for his own safety. People get kind of hostile when the wait in line while their bellies are empty.
Do you think America has learned that government being in charge of everything is always a disaster? Think again. Bernie Sanders won the Oregon primary last night pitching Venezuelan solutions to problems that have already made worse by big government for decades. Young people love Bernie. Young people who love Bernie are stupid.
TSA security lines
Speaking of waiting in line, the other story in the news this week is the federal government’s running of security at the airports. In Chicago, a city on the verge of bankruptcy on its own thanks to big government, is now suffering at the hands of the federal government’s TSA. It seems the TSA has told Chicago airline passengers to arrive at the airports......get this,.....THREE HOURS early, so they can stand in line to get past government run security. It seems that thousands of people missed flights thanks to the TSA last week.
The TSA is another signature situation that illustrates what happens when Americans hands over its precious liberties to bureaucrats. 
What is ahead? Well, we do have to buy sub standard health insurance or be fined by our federal government. This is a constitutional law according to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who sided with the Democrats on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

One wonders when Roberts and the other useful fools on the Supreme Court will rule that all of us must fly…….if we want to travel. Perhaps this will be the case according to Obamatravel. Stay tuned.