Rattled leaders, jury trials, and unrepentant liars

© 2016 Jim Spence  
There are so many strange things going on it is difficult to choose a topic for a column. This week I decided to simply write a random stream of consciousness and point out some of the oddities of three topics: The latest Freddie Gray trial, Trump’s rattling of foreign leaders, and the Inspector General’s report on Hillary Clinton.

Last week a black Baltimore judge acquitted a white Baltimore police officer of any wrong doing regarding the Freddie Gray arrest. In this situation, it is extraordinarily ironic that the U.S. Constitution provided this officer with the right to a trial by jury. Trial by jury is a specific right written into our Constitution to protect us from biased appointed servants of the king, who might lock us up in jail and throw away the key for capricious reasons. Unfortunately, we Americans have learned all too much about juries of our “peers” in recent years. It is sad how little some juries can be interested in….“justice.” The O.J. Simpson jury is a shining example. This group of people exhibited far too many of the characteristics that are plaguing America. None of these jurors regularly read a newspaper. Eight of the twelve O.J. jurors regularly watched tabloid TV shows. Five thought it was sometimes appropriate to use force on a family member. And each and every one of the O.J. jurors was a Democrat. The result is the O.J. jury let Simpson walk away from the commission of a brutal double homicide…..because they didn’t like white cops. 

In Baltimore last week it became clear that this particular white cop’s lawyers had long ago figured out the danger of obtaining justice for a white cop in front of a jury that would not be all that different from the one O.J. had. The cop’s attorney opted to roll the dice with a black judge instead. And this black judge, as he should, quickly and unceremoniously tossed out the absurd charges levied against the officer. It is also worth noting the Democrat district attorney is a woman who has a built her career by the stoking of racial paranoia in the black community just as Mr. Obama has.

Speaking of Obama let’s consider his statement earlier this week regarding the views of foreign leaders when it comes to assessing Donald Trump. Obama said, he has spoken to many foreign leaders who are…..get this….rattled by the emergence of Donald Trump. Now anyone who is a regular reader of these columns knows I am no fan of the Donald. The breeder of my dog had named him Trump. And four years ago, long before Trump became a presidential candidate, I chose to change my dog’s name. I felt like it would be better if he had a more likable handle then Trump. But I digress.

Consider what happens every day in the world. Virtually all forms of transactions are negotiable. Trade agreements must be hammered out and complied with. Military protection must be shaped and then paid for. Bilateral immigration policies must be negotiated and enforced. Sanctions against offenders of previous agreements and/or international standards of decency must be coordinated. No country involved in negotiations with Mr. Obama has ever been rattled by anything he does. The only possible exception is our ally Israel who Obama has betrayed repeatedly. The latest betrayal is an insanely naïve agreement with Iran. The truth is we now have one way agreements with a roster of nations so long it would take ten pages to list them all. China and Iran are only the first that come to mind.

In the dark recesses of my mind I remember the last time Democrats suggested that an opponent was “dangerous” to international stability. It was during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1980, which also happened to be an election year. The man who supposedly terrified the international community, according to Democrats, was derisively called Ronald Ray Gun. Reagan was a war monger for sure, or so we we were told. Of course Reagan won the election in November of 1980. And in January of 1981, the rattled Iranians released the U.S. embassy hostages. It was the same day Reagan took the oath of office. Ironically, the Soviet Union disintegrated without a shot being fired a decade later. Apparently both Iran and the U.S.S.R. truly were “rattled” by Reagan in 1980. Maybe every now and then it is good when nations taking advantage of the U.S. get rattled instead of emboldened. Sometimes foreign leaders remind me of children who get rattled because they are afraid they might have to pick up the dog poop and clean their rooms before the U.S. taxpayers give them their allowances.
The inspector’s general released its findings on Hillary Clinton this week. Essentially what was said in the report would put anyone else in jail. It proved that everything Clinton has ever said about her gross violations of important national security laws was utterly false. The woman is an unrepentant liar. In the meantime, there was another story on campaign finance investigations suggesting that that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a thinly veiled money laundering operation. Though Bernie Sanders has been a ward of the state his entire adult life, living off the taxpayers the whole way, we do share his outrage that both the Clinton’s behave like slimy dictators in lawless enclave. 
How sad it is that the hallmark of the last eight years of governing in America has been selective law enforcement……while Obama was making sure any adversary is ever rattled…..except American business people.