A moment of silence?

© 2016 Jim Spence You would never think something as simple as a request for moment of silence to honor murder victims could teach you so much.
Turkey is considered a “moderate” Islamic nation. In Turkey last year, immediately following the horrific shootings by radical Islamic terrorists that killed 130 people in Paris, there was a professional soccer game being held. Prior to the beginning of the game, the public address announcer in the stadium called for a moment of silence to honor the murder victims. Unbelievably, the crowd, which was virtually 100% Muslim, booed and whistled loudly. It was a chilling reminder of how Muslim countries reacted when the Twin Towers and Pentagon were hit by suicide bombers on 9-11. Crowds of Muslims gathered all over the Middle East and Northern Africa and cheered in the streets, celebrating the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. Sorry folks, these are not the behaviors of civilized friends who share your desire for freedom and peace.
This week, in the United States House of Representatives Democrats Seth Moulton and Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, along with colleague Jim Himes of Connecticut, actually refused to participate in a moment of silence to honor the shooting victims in Orlando. It seems fair to ask why?
Consider the motivations of these Democrats. It seems that they do NOT care for the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. However, they do know they have no chance whatsoever of over-riding the wishes of the majority of Americans who value that particular right guaranteed by the Constitution. Democrats do know how to do “end runs” around the U.S. Constitution. Accordingly, they want to put a de facto end to the 2nd Amendment, without actually getting the votes to repeal it or pass another amendment over-riding it. What they really want is a tough national gun control law that expands the power of the federal government and moves one step closer to disarming law abiding citizens.
Still, we all seem to agree that the murders of the people in Orlando qualify as a horrific atrocity. What happened in Orlando is absolutely sickening. Would you like to feel sicker? Consider the city of Chicago, which has had tough gun control laws for years. So far in 2016 the city of Chicago has had 283 murders. Most of the victims died from gunshot wounds. This is more than five times as many people who were killed in Orlando. It has happened in Chicago in less than six months. Essentially Chicago, with its very tough gun control laws, the kind of gun laws that Democrats want for all fifty states, experiences the body count equivalent of an Orlando……..every month.
Let’s consider Paris. This is a place where guns are not merely restricted, they are illegal. One hundred-thirty people were gunned down by radical Islamic killers last November in France, a country where it isn’t hard to own a gun…….it is illegal to own a gun.
Let’s return to the mindset of these Democrats in Congress along with their hapless leader Barack Obama. Many have had the sanctimonious gall to stand before the American public and put anger on display because they can’t get the gun laws they want. Laws like they have in Chicago, or better yet like the laws they have in Paris.
House Speaker Paul Ryan missed the opportunity to put these imbeciles in their place earlier this week. His response to their refusal to participate in a somber moment of silence should have gone something like this: “Fair enough, so you Democrats do not want to have a moment of silence for the victims in Orlando simply because you cannot get the gun control laws you want. Why not remain silent to honor the 283 victims of murder on Chicago this year? Most are shooting victims in a city that has the kind of laws you are demanding. Or, if that is not sobering enough for you, how about you Democrats remain silent to honor the 130 murder victims at the hands of radical Islamist killers in Paris from last November? You can honor them because guns are completely illegal in France. If that is not enough, and you still desperately need a reason to shut up, think back to Massachusetts a couple of years ago when radical Islamic killers murdered and maimed dozens with two home made pressure cooker bombs. No guns involved there, but still a good reason to remain silent so you can honor the dead, while the rest of us do the same thing. Please Democrats, if you could just honor any of these other groups of murder victims instead of the Orlando victims then the rest of us can continue to bow our heads with you. And when we finish, we can get on with the business of discussing radical Islamic killers.