Twisted moral imperatives

© 2016 Jim Spence 
Sometimes you read a column that helps you understand contradictions. I recommend a column by John Hawkins you can read here. 
According to Hawkins, things have changed in Washington. These days Obama administration apologists don't even bother to disguise the fact that they produce propaganda. Look back to the good ole days. Consider when radical Muslims attacked the U.S. Embassy compound in Benghazi four years ago and murdered the American ambassador and three other Americans. It was September 11th of an election year. Of course there is nothing good about that. But think about how the Obama administration went into full political propaganda mode, going so far as to conjure up a bunch of lies about a amateur anti-Islamic video being the cause of the killings. In other words, it was an American's fault, not the killers. This propaganda worked well enough for Obama to win re-election, though later it became obvious the president and his henchmen and henchwomen were lying through their teeth.
Since Benghazi, radical Muslims have killed and maimed people on the finish line of the Boston Marathon, in San Bernardino, California, and now more than four dozen gay people in Orlando, Florida. And with these mass murders comes a chillingly brutal clarity about the Obama value system. In his twisted world, there are certain identity groups that are most favored, and somehow Muslims rank far above gay people.
How can this possibly be?
Witness Obama's own Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She was out running interference for Islamic murderers on national television yesterday. She told Americans that the FBI would be editing out the killer's declaration....that he was killing for Allah and ISIS. Lynch said the FBI would not be advancing "his propaganda." Sorry Loretta, what you are really doing is advancing the Obama propaganda...... the propaganda that embraces a never-ending denial of radical Islam.
Why does Obama always protect Islamic killers and blame something else? It makes no sense. Like all Marxists, Obama is generally hostile to anyone who has strong religious convictions that conflict with his worshipping of big government. And yet every devout Muslim on the planet has strong religious convictions. How about oppressors of women? Islam treats women like livestock. In places held by ISIS women are forced to wear burkas and/or veils. Many women in ISIS-held territory are forced to endure mutilation of their genitals to take the pleasure out of sex for them. Women are not allowed to leave their house or drive without a male relative. Women may be raped or beaten with impunity. How does this square with Hillary's, "I am woman 2016 ruse?" It doesn't.
Obama rails endlessly over imaginary violations of “gay rights.” He stands ready to drive Christians out of any American profession that won't cater to a gay wedding. And these days he is hell bent and determined that all American women should have to use the bathroom with men. Why? Because less than .2% of all men “feel like” women, and therefore, some would be uncomfortable using the men’s bathroom. Contrast this with the Islamic approach to gays and transgender people. Islam and homophobia go together like ham and eggs. In many Islamic countries being gay is a crime with long jail sentences or DEATH....being the penalty......for this identity. It doesn't make sense that Obama defends killers and exposes women and gays to atrocities.
Let's make sense of it.
To understand how Obama and progressive Democrats live in this twisted mixed up thought processes, you must know that they have tangled up their moral imperatives into such a mess they can't possibly think clearly. I interact with Democrats. There is no question they all think of themselves as more open-minded, fair-minded, and actually morally superior to non-Democrats. The only way these folks can see themselves as being more moral is to be obsessed with not discriminating. "Discriminate" is a BAD word in the world of the progressive Democrat. But of course we all must differentiate. Sadly, progressive Democrats confuse the idea of "differentiation" with the idea of "discrimination." And they confuse it recklessly. Accordingly, they blur the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, better and worse, and even truth and lies. If you differentiate based on a fundamental value system, a progressive Democrat can easily be persuaded that this common sense view is as an act of bigoted cultural discrimination. And for anyone to engage in discriminating, even to enforce basic fundamental truths like respecting gays and women, the progressive Democrat concludes this thought process has to be motivated by bigotry. Of course this is truly completely twisted. But this is the intellectual world Democrats now live in. As such, Democrats, and this is the key to their getting hopelessly twisted, they would actually PREFER to side with: evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Why? Because it is better to do this than to differentiate/discriminate, even based on a basic common sense value system.
These days Democrats find themselves trapped. If they first refuse to define anything as being better or worse than anything else, then success must somehow and illogically in this twisted paradigm, be deemed as "unjust." You see, in their increasingly warped world, quite a bit of success simply has to be unjust. And this of course explains why many progressives don't like to assign grades in school. It is unfair in their childish minds. It is the same as the "everyone must get a trophy" mentality. The logic goes completely off kilter. When nothing is better than anything else, they conclude that people achieving greater success, can be ascribed as having done so not due to greater effort or talent, but because of an even greater "injustice." Laziness and sloth can be written off not as a shortcoming, but as proof of victimization. And the greater the failure, the greater the proof of even greater victimization. It is a doom loop when this is translated into public policies. And oh friends, this mentality has been translated into public policies all over our nation.
Most Americans do not understand the twisted logic and astonishingly ignorant imperatives that drive the moral mindset of progressive Democrats. But until you do, you can never understand why they are so hostile to the successful in America. Why does Barack Obama seem to loathe America, even though we’re the richest, most successful, and most generous country in history? It is because the very fact that we ARE the richest, most successful country in history. In his world, our mere success proves that we must be doing something or have done something wrong and unfair. This is his mindset and it is also that of his followers.
Why in the Obama world do white Americans have to all be described as having benefitted from racism and “white privilege?” In Obama's mind it is because white Americans are a majority in the United States and they’re doing better (except for Asians) than most other racial groups. They must all be doing something immoral to be more successful. Whites are the easiest targets in the ultra-simplistic world of Barack Obama.
Sadly, this warped and totally ridiculous view of the world makes it extremely difficult for Obama to deal with Islam in an intelligent way. He will never concede a basic fundamental truth. This is the truth that says Islam goes with terrorism, like butter and salt go with popcorn. He won't admit that violence and rape define much of the male Muslim culture in the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. He will never admit despite an avalanche of evidence, that there are gigantic risks to bringing Muslim immigrants to the U.S. Even after the children of Muslim immigrants butcher innocents in Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando and all around the world by the tens of thousands. Obama continues to deny these fundamental truths. Even when a radical Muslim like the Orlando killer tells everyone he’s killing because of his religion, Obama and his propaganda machine can’t acknowledge this fundamental motivation in the mind of the killer. Instead they try to censor his declarations before releasing an edited and redacted transcript of what he said to authorities during the lull in his killings.
What can we expect from Hillary Clinton? We can expect her to keep blaming everything, lack of gun laws, bigotry, everything except the radicals who embrace the religion of Islam for all of the horrible things that radical Islamists are doing all over the world.