© 2016 Jim Spence Freedom is kind of a funny motivator. You watch movies like Braveheart or a mini-series like Roots, and you think freedom is always in the forefront of people's minds. It isn't. After watching government take more and more control over every hour of your existence you might be tempted to think that the hunger and thirst for freedom has completely disappeared. It hasn't.

Every now and then something happens to remind us that not every human being has become a mindless big government drone 100% of the time. Witness the Brexit vote. The global news media, which distinguishes itself by having the attention span of a gnat, thinks it has had little else to do but cover the Brexit vote lately. It is the obsession de jour. No doubt the media has gotten bored with the story of yet another Islamic radical murdering people, most recently more than four dozen gays in Orlando. Predictably that story was morphed into a ridiculous argument about gun control laws by the radical's apologists. Let us forget guns are illegal in Paris for now.

The global news media covered the pending vote in the U.K. endlessly the last few days. U.K voters were to decide if they had had enough of the idea of allowing the faceless E.U. to exert controls over their borders etc. Despite every media outlet predicting a failure of the Brexit vote yesterday, it turns out that 52% of U.K. citizens decided, that at least in this instance, they had enough of all the high-profile elected officials telling them that the E.U. knew what was best for them. For better or for worse, yesterday the U.K. voters decided to give people like David Cameron, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton the finger for making it their life mission to tell them what to do at every turn. By a final count of 52-48 this Brexit vote seems to have become a momentary example of a population deciding to make a statement about just how poorly they think big government has served them. Of course it is way too little, and way too late. And in this instance, the mini-rebellion is probably completely misplaced.

The U.K. voters, like most voters (Trump supporters etc.) decided to attack a symbol and support something dumb while ignoring the root causes of their problems. The root cause of the demise of the U.K. gets obfuscated by a self-serving education system that has poisoned the intellectual capacity of the population to grasp basic economics. Accordingly, the U.K. economy, like all of Europe, and increasingly the U.S. is drowning in a sea of lethargy and sloth brought on by a relentless government-knows-best embracing of socialism. Of course the dictates of the E.U. also contains a strain of socialism. However, at least there are some trade benefits that come with the E.U. agreement that are being tossed aside. Why does it have to be all or none?

The U.K voters remain ignorant of the fact that their politicians have been destroying living standards and eroding opportunities for young people at an accelerating rate for many decades because they embrace socialism. So while it is pretty clear that the UK voters know something stinks, and have decided on June 23, 2016 to lash out at their elected officials for not protecting their borders, they still don’t have a clue what stinks. As such, they can be expected to revert back to casting votes for socialist baboons again very soon.

Speaking of socialist baboons, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton make the same kinds of promises to Americans that Europeans have been duped into believing for decades. “I’ll give you free stuff. Free stuff for everyone but the rich. I’ll tax the rich and we will provide you everything you need for free no matter what the costs are.”

And of course more quietly they (Obama and Hillary) infer……”If you are an entrepreneur or successful business person you better watch out, because we are tracking your every move.”