America 180

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© 2016 Jim Spence  Every now and then the media will conduct a poll asking U.S. citizens if they are proud to be Americans. Sadly, the trends are not encouraging. There are only 52 percent of respondents now saying they are extremely proud to be an American. Well, I am extremely proud to be an American. However, like many other proud Americans, I am nauseated by what the Obamas and Clintons are trying to do with the attitudes and value systems that Americans have embraced for many generations. Instead of agreeing on basic ideas and embracing a common sense value system, including all of the amendments in the U.S. Constitution, the Clintons and Obamas play games of deceit.

My favorite former Saturday Night Live comedian is Dennis Miller. Miller has a great album that came out a couple of years ago called America 180. It is spot on in terms of explaining all the ways that progressive Democrats are screwing up our country. And by the way, there is no other kind of Democrat than a progressive one......because they seem incapable of grasping the fact that they are just not wrong, they are taking us 180 degrees in the wrong direction.   

This Independence Day I can think of no better example of the precursor for what was coming than to know that the Obamas were attending Jeremiah Wright’s church for sixteen years. Infamously, and from the pulpit, Jeremiah Wright, who Barack Obama described as his mentor, called on the Lord. "God Damn America," he bellowed. He also characterized 9-11 and the murders of nearly 3,000 innocent people as, “Chickens coming home to roost.” Some mentor for Obama. If you wanted to take America 180 degrees in the wrong direction all you had to do was vote for a guy who would go to a church where this sort of thing was going on for 16 years. He took his wife and kids too!

There are so many ways in which America is headed 180 degrees in the wrong direction it is difficult to list them all. Perhaps the greatest sign that we are more poorly led than at any time in history is the fact that the current president of the United States argues vehemently that men who,,,,,“sort of feel like women” should be allowed to pee and poop in the ladies rooms. And of course anyone who disagrees with this absurd assertion is a homophobic bigot. It is simply madness. America 180.

The lack of reason is stretching to every aspect of our existence. Doctors spend a decade and a half of their adult lives in schools. They scrimp and save, work ungodly hours as interns, and often begin their professional lives heavily in debt. The Obamas treat doctors like greedy bastards who are not entitled to more income than people who do little or nothing to enhance their work skills. And Americans somehow wonder why we suffer from a severe doctor shortage while long waits for medical care are becoming a way of life? Maybe we should stop bitch slapping our physicians. America 180.

Consider the professions Democrats reward repeatedly. Trial lawyers, thanks to the Democrats, are provided with legal extortion licenses. They troll for plaintiffs at every turn. In ads on television, on the internet, and in print they look for people with a grievance. Around 85% of all trial lawyers are Democrats. As a group they successfully lobby Congress for easier litigation avenues. Of course doctors and other health care providers are their favorite targets. The biggest lie of the 21st Century was, "If you like your health insurance you can keep it." It was a bald faced lie. For people who actually pay for their own health insurance, their premiums have skyrocketed under the Democrats. They told us our costs would fall. Democrats lied to people who pay their way. It is America 180.

Political skill is what counts in America. It counts so much that Mr. Obama has used the IRS to target citizen groups that resent all of his lies and try to expose his treachery. The IRS has been caught red handed promoting the big government agenda of progressive Democrats. Obama refuses to prosecute. America 180.

Once upon a time the EPA helped America clean up our water and our air. These days with its job done, the EPA pretends that carbon dioxide, the gas that green plants need to grow, is a “pollutant.” The EPA has become the KGB. As the South Pole experiences the coldest temperatures on record, Democrats call for the criminal prosecution of global warming deniers. The last thing Democrats are interested in here in the 21st century, is free speech. Freedom of speech (the 1st amendment) is reserved for Jeremiah Wright when he is asks God to, "Damn American," during his sermons. America 180.

Have you flown in an American airport lately? The TSA, which the Obamas and Clintons insisted be staffed exclusively with government union employees, regularly engages in work slowdowns. Why? They want to extort more money from Congress for their agency. Shut up and stand in line! America 180.

When radical Islamic terrorists travel back and forth to countries where training is available to Muslim killers, Democrats shrug and call this sort of activity unavoidable. If these Muslim killers blow up the finish line at the Boston Marathon, Democrats shrug and say, “What can we do?” However, if these same Muslim killers use guns to kill innocent people, Democrats blame the guns. America 180.

We celebrate Independence Day 2016 with a domestic work participation rate that is sickeningly low. Democrats tell us we have been recovering economically for eight years now. America 180.

There are things we can count on. The Clintons, who run an international crime syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation, feel more emboldened than ever. As the FBI prepared to grill Hillary Clinton over her criminal conduct related to classified emails, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided it was time for her to join the Clinton’s continuous corruption parade. She tried to meet secretly on a jet in Phoenix with Bill. When she got caught and her secret was out of the bag, she started dancing and lying like she had been either a Clinton or Obama for a long time. America 180.

Finally, there is a column in the New York Daily News suggesting that the song "God Bless America" offends everyone. I won't bother to explain why other than to say........America 180

Happy 4th of July.