The FBI did not bother to record the interview?

© 2016 Jim Spence For the Democrats this corruption stuff is a matter of routine now. In fact, they do not even bother to hide it anymore. The laundry list gets longer every day.

A corrupt IRS official (Lois Lerner) was caught red-handed cheating people considered to not be likely supporters of Democrats. Lerner took the 5th Amendment when she was called on to testify about her criminal conduct. Not a single person at the IRS was ever charged or punished.

Two corrupt Attorney Generals have been caught in horrific scandals, but neither has been punished. Former A.G. Eric Holder's gun running scandal has spread. Judicial Watch reports that one of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where Eric Holder and the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.” Nobody was ever charged in this operation that has led to who knows how many deaths now. This isn't wiretapping the Watergate Hotel, this is a botched illegal gun-running operation that led to numerous deaths.

Consider the corruption of the U.S. Department of Justice since Loretta Lynch replaced Holder. The DOJ, which is part of the executive branch of government (the White House), has supposedly been conducting an "arms length investigation" of Hillary Clinton. Let's take a look at those alligator arms.

On Wednesday June 29th, a local CBS reporter saw Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, at the Phoenix airport. Reporters that gathered to get a look at these two curious participants in a completely unethical meeting, were told that no photographs were permitted by get this......the FBI. So much for freedom of the press. The 1st Amendment does not apply when Democrats want to stifle the press.

Meanwhile, back on the eastern seaboard on June 29th, Lynch's boss Mr. Obama announced that Hillary Clinton would fly on Air Force One to North Carolina with him, where Mr. Obama would tell everyone at a political rally how wonderful she taxpayer's expense.

On Saturday July 2nd, the FBI ominously "interviewed" Hillary Clinton for three hours as part of their "arms length" investigation. However, the FBI did not even bother to put Clinton under oath or even record their questions and her answers during this long running criminal investigation. They did not record the suspect's answers? Let me repeat this. The FBI, who subpoenaed dozens of witnesses did not even bother to record the Q & A of the primary suspect. This is astonishing.

On Sunday morning July 3rd, the New York Times reported that Hillary "might" retain Lynch as her attorney general. This amounts to a job offer to the person in charge of her criminal investigation.

On Tuesday morning July 5th, Obama appointee, FBI director James Comey announced in a so-called press conference (where the press was not allowed to ask any questions), that he was going to let Hillary Clinton slide on all of the felonies she committed. Amazingly, during the Comey speech, Comey actually listed a large number of felonies Hillary Clinton committed. But then, inexplicably, Comey said, Clinton would not be indicted......because it was not "reasonable."

The brazen way in which this fix was played out right before our eyes is astonishing.

Keep repeating this point until it sinks in. The FBI did not bother to record the interview with Mrs. Clinton? What sort of criminal investigators don't record these interviews where it is a crime to lie? There is only one answer to this question. The answer is.......corrupt cops who already know what they are going to do.

If you have half a brain by now you must realize that the Democratic Party is led by people who know that they can get away with pretty much anything. These are sad days for our nation. Sad, sad days.