"Want to put ya'll back in chains"

© 2016 Jim Spence Congratulations are certainly in order. When a job is well done, and goals are achieved, people should speak up and acknowledge the accomplishments. Even if some of the.....well.....er....um.....side effects or "collateral damages" of accomplishing the goals are a bit unpleasant.
These racial tensions we are seeing playing out all over the country are part of a very big picture. Like a slow moving train that cannot get off the track it is on, anyone could see this coming. Now we have five dead police officers in Dallas to go with many others killed recently by racially paranoid African-Americans. The great irony is the five downed officers in Dallas yesterday got killed rushing to the defense of people who hate them.
Yes, this has been simmering and festering for a long time now. About eight years. Think about Jeremiah Wright's church and his hate-filled sermons. Think about Michelle Obama's rants in her racially paranoid Princeton thesis (that intellectual atrocity can be viewed here). Think about the malicious prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse team. Think about the lionizing of Michael Brown, a despicable punk who robbed a store owner a few minutes before he attacked a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Think about the hero worship of multiple felon Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Consider that Vice President Joe Biden told a mostly African American audience in Virginia back in 2012, that the Republicans, "Want to put ya'll back in chains." 
Mix in all of these ingredients with the fact 85-90% of the mainstream news media runs with the narratives projected by these reprehensible politicians and let it simmer for eight years.
Naively, I remember when Mr. Obama was elected in November of 2008. I had not voted for him. My wife Kristi and I were watching as he made his infamous victory speech in Chicago, a city that was and still is drowning in a deep pool of blood. The blood pool is the direct result of black-on-black crime. Anyway, I said to her, "Well I know he is a Marxist, but maybe this will bring a bit more racial healing to the country."
My wife is a very perceptive woman. "It won't happen," she said. "It will get worse."
"Why would it get worse?" I asked.
She smiled and paraphrasing she said, "He gets his power from dividing people and stoking the fires of racial paranoia. If he stops pressing the grievance buttons for a single moment all the people who have been conditioned to scream racism at every turn will waiver in their support for him. No, he will make things worse......much, much, worse. He will enable a new generation of black racists to feel justified in hating whites and we will lose much of the ground we have gained in terms of harmony."
I disagreed with her, but we did not argue. Before long I knew how wrong I was and how right she was.
There are alternatives to all of this. Many black leaders are calling out the Obamas, the Clintons, and the rest of the Democrats. They are taking them to the carpet for all of this cynical divisiveness. Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee comes to mind. But of course these good people get no forum at CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, or many of the nation's newspapers. Only Fox News allows people like Sheriff Clark to speak. And of course Fox is branded as evil at every turn by the vast majority of the news media, not to mention, Hollywood, public education, etc.
Kristi was right. The racial paranoia has been stoked and it is worse.....much worse. Sadly the trend is firmly in place. It is going to continue to get worse.

So, muted congratulations are due to the Clintons, the Obamas, Joe Biden, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, most of the nation's newspapers, and progressive Democrats. As a team this list of people has achieved the dubious goal of dividing the country. Let's also give dishonorable mention to Hollywood, and public education. Together these elements of society have divided the nation and fomented violence against our police forces.
Keep a close eye on the upcoming Democratic Convention where all of this racial paranoia will be stoked with great enthusiasm. Without a care in world for the police officers or their widows and orphans, Democrats will subtly encourage blacks to hate whites.....except for white progressive Democrats.
I have news for all of you Democrats who know your leaders are setting racial fires all over the country. These killers don't much know the difference when the bullets fly.
It doesn't have to be like this,