Damn those pressure cookers, shoes, and trucks!

© 2016 Jim Spence  Last night, with a thread of sarcasm running through my first impressions, I posted a note on the propensity of Democrats to blame anything except the ideology of Radical Islam for all of these horrific terrorist attacks.

In fact, taking a leap of faith in the foolhardiness of the Democrat's thought processes, I supposed that they would soon be calling for truck controls as a solution to head off future attacks like the one that killed 84 people and maimed many more in Nice, France yesterday.

First, it is critical to understand this basic fundamental truth, the news media is the Democratic Party (except for Fox).

So let's see how the media handled yet another mass murder once they discovered the perpetrator was a guy named "Mohamed."

CNN and the New York Times, which I have already pointed out, are pretty much extensions of the Democratic National Committee, win the booby prizes today. Below are the headlines each outlet chose, (these words matter folks) to help people understand that Radical Islam had struck again.

CNN's website headline read as follows: “Truck rams crowd; 84 dead in Nice.”
You don't say? A truck rammed a crowd eh? So that's what it was.

And perhaps the quintessential mouthpiece for whatever narrative Democrats want to flow, The New York Times led with this headline:
“Truck attack on French crowd; Scores die.”

Wow, a truck did all of that? What was this? Some sort of self-driving truck run by some sort of computer gone all awry?  

Don't kid yourself. The goals of CNN and the New York Times are pretty transparent. Keep the people stupid with headlines that contain vague half truths. Don't ask any questions and don't write terrorist stories that prompt people to ask questions. Hell it is fine with these outlets if the site visitor or paper purchaser doesn't even bother to read the story. Just as long as they realize a truck did it.

Yes, it was a truck you see. Just like it was a pressure cooker that killed all of those people on the finish line at the Boston Marathon. It was the bomb that killed all of those people in Brussels. And of course it was the guns, always the guns, that killed all of those people in Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando.

Did you ever wonder why you have to remove your shoes at the airport to get through security? It is because government managed security once found a bomb in a shoe. Shoes are dangerous....so dangerous they hide bombs in themselves. They have to be scanned. You can't trust a shoe.

The last thing CNN, the New York Times, or any other cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton want is for people to start asking questions like this one: "Gee is it really a good idea to be allowing thousands and thousands of Muslims to immigrate to this country from places where fanatical radicalism is a way of life when we could provide them with safe camps right there in their own countries until the fighting stops?"

Yep folks, a truck rammed a crowd and killed all those poor innocent people in Nice, France.

Damn trucks!