Could not possibly be more clueless

© 2016 Jim Spence One can only shake one's head as the irony fast drips almost every single day. Earlier this week I wrote a column regarding the, “Flags flying at half-staff presidency,” of Barack Obama.

The biggest problem is that Democrats have painted themselves into a terrible corner. All of their race-baiting tactics and all of their ISIS denials require them to double, triple, and even quadruple down on being clueless. Their race baiting, which is designed to get out the minority vote in the fall, has required Democrats to bow before every fringe radical minority group, regardless of how much violence these groups produce. You saw this during the Democratic primaries when Black Lives Matter operatives bullied every single Democrat into saying some of the most asinine things ever uttered.
Apollo, the dog formerly known as "Trump"

Readers of this column already know I am no fan of Donald Trump. My dog was named Trump by his breeder. I changed his name to "Apollo" four years ago when we adopted him. I was not about to have a dog named Trump. Still, yesterday I could not help but laugh when I saw the jealousy in the eyes of Barack Obama as he tried to counter Donald Trump. Trump drew thirty million viewers for his Thursday night acceptance speech (I was not one of those thirty million). The idea that thirty million Americans would watch Trump remind of everyone of why Obama has been the worst president in our lifetimes really bugged Obama. And what bugged Obama most was how Trump traced the collapse of domestic and international order under Obama. Trump reminded voters of Paris, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, and the killings of police officers by Black Lives Matter types all around the country. As if anyone should need a reminder.

Here comes the first irony. Yesterday, when Obama was able to recapture the attention of the TV cameras, he took the opportunity to bash Trump. He did so while he was making nice with Mexican President Enrique Nieto. Of course, Nieto presides over a country that requires paperwork be carried on the person of all immigrants. Mexico will unceremoniously and immediately deport any immigrant without proper documentation. Hypocritically, Mexico resents the same sorts of immigration laws in America. These would be the laws that Obama does not enforce, but Mexico does enforce.

But I digress. Here is a more mind blowing irony. Obama made a point to scoff at Trump's observations on terrorism the night before. With armed body guards standing close by, Obama smirked into the cameras as he pointed out how overblown all this fear of terrorism was (he didn’t use the phrase radical Islam of course). You see the problem isn’t terrorism according to Obama. The problem is the GOP won’t let Democrats tighten up the gun laws.

You already know what was coming yesterday right after Obama made a fool of himself. In Germany people must have “legitimate” reasons for owning a gun. Personal protection is not a good enough reason. Gun ownership is a privilege in Germany, not a right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. About an hour after Obama scoffed at terrorist threats, many more innocent people were butchered at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. It would seem that “somehow” despite the tough German gun laws, the killers obtained guns. Yes, within 90 minutes of Obama sarcastically mocking Trump’s expose on the reality of the rise of ISIS, more men, again shouting “Allah Akbar,” were mowing down innocent people in Munich. ISIS celebrated on social media minutes later.

You can forget the irony of Obama pining for gun control. The greater irony is that Germany is a country where Muslim immigration from terrorist regions has been out of control. Obama continues to mock the GOP for questioning the wisdom of opening the gates for the Allah Akbar crowd, while the obvious reasons for controlling our borders, plays out in sharp contrast to what he says, right before our very eyes.

Astonishingly, a few minutes after the latest atrocity in Munich, Obama re-appeared before the cameras. Seemingly solemnly, Obama expressed sympathy for the victims of Islamic terror (he didn't call it that). Then he cracked a joke about his daughter Malia leaving the nest. Suddenly he was all smiles as his adoring Democrat press enjoyed his witty observation. Everything was so sad, and then so funny, before becoming so sad again. These rapid mood swings must come with knowing the Secret Service has their eyes on radical Islamic terrorists while Obama utters nonsense.

It is finally impossible for this man, Barack Obama, to be more clueless.