A cheater? Or a liar and cheater?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Americans seem faced with a sobering dilemma. And when faced with this type of dilemma it might be comforting to turn to one of Hollywood’s finest leftists, the often accused but never convicted pedophile, Woody Allen. Allen once said, “More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”
Perhaps the aspect of our system that all Americans, I am talking Democrats, Republicans, and Independents hate most is how corrupt it has become. I’ll save the lecture on why an all too powerful government will always be corrupt for later. Let’s address the question at hand.
Should we choose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? That is the question.
Trump emerges as perhaps the most prodigious influence purchaser to ever run for public office. Worse yet (or is it better yet?), Trump does not deny being an influence purchaser, he cites it as a unique qualification that will make him a good president. He says he bought influence from everyone in a position of power who could give him something he needed and now he is so rich he is beholden to nobody. He adds that he understands both sides of the system better than anyone and can fix it. It is a fascinating argument and one I can never remember hearing before.
Then there are the Clintons, unquestionably the most successful influence peddlers in the history of politics. From selling pardons in the final days of a two-term presidency, to their “foundation” which is nothing other than a money laundering operation with more qui-pro quo deals each day than are made in all the brothels in the world combined.
Let’s think about this situation. First, we have Trump who openly admits he bought influence, even from the Clintons. And we know it is true because they cashed the checks. Second, we have the Clintons. The Clintons routinely deny that they ever sell influence. The Clintons would have everyone believe that Goldman Sachs brings Hillary in to speak for a few hundred thousand bucks an hour because of her acute financial acumen. As Bernie Sanders says, “That must have been some speech!”
Our laws have a consistent approach to criminal behavior where ill-gotten goods or information changes hands. It is the seller who gets punished most harshly. Drug traffickers face much stiffer penalties than those who buy and use drugs.
Of course with Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch we already know that there is virtually no corruption law or any other law that the Clintons could not break without repercussions. And we also know that the big shots who manipulate corrupt elected officials when the situation calls for it, will always get away with it no matter which party is in power.
So the Woody Allen dilemma presents itself. Which do we dislike more, Donald Trump who is the man who spells out exactly how the system works and how he worked it? Or the crime syndicate bosses Bill and Hillary Clinton who peddle influence and collect hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for future “favors” and with a straight face deny they do any such thing?
Should we choose a cheater? Or should we choose a liar and cheater?
Let us choose wisely.