Bernie: "I did it my way"

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to hand it to Bernie Sanders. He is kind of like Frank Sinatra who used to sing, “I did it my way.”
What is Bernie Sanders’ way you ask?
First, a look at his resume reads like that of an old Soviet Union party member. Essentially, Bernie has been a ward of the state his entire adult life, moving from government job to government job and from elected position to elected position. It looks like he has rarely worked for any entity that ever earned a profit or paid nickel of income tax.
Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist. Amazingly, in 2016 this is not a serious problem for him mainly because nobody in the socialist leaning press ever asks him why he can favor socialism when so many people in socialist countries have starved to death throughout history. Nobody ever provides a list of all the socialist economies that have collapsed (see-Venezuela), or only remain socialist because they are dominated by dictators. Just a curious oversight I suppose.
Sanders is often depicted with the letter “I” next to his name in graphics posted by the media, suggesting he is an independent. He isn’t. He re-registered as a Democrat because it helped his chances to become president in the two-party system that dominates the U.S.
Sanders has an open hatred for business, He hates American businesses much more than he hates ISIS, terrorism, or people who compromise national security. Bernie focuses his hatred on the financial services industry. Often he is heard saying that the financial services industry is based on “fraud.” Accordingly, when attacking Hillary Clinton in the primaries, he said he couldn’t care less about all of her horrifying security lapses or her outright lies to Congress. Bernie had no interest at all in her giving false testimony under oath. What Bernie was mad as hell about was her taking millions of dollars from Wall Street banks to give 45 minute speeches off the record. Fair enough.
Bernie has done some damage to Hillary’s not too tough to tarnish reputation. He has done so by relentlessly zeroing in on her utter lack of integrity. He has been very convincing. Millions of young people still fresh from their socialist indoctrination rituals (going to college), have embraced Bernie’s anti-business themes that suggest that a bigger more intrusive government is the solution to every problem. Bernie devotees listened carefully as he documented in very precise terms, what a lying cheat Hillary was. Bernie followers hate Hillary.
Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party’s system of super delegates was rigged for the benefit of Hillary Clinton years ago. Despite polling numbers that suggest virtually everyone in the country knows Hillary is congenital liar who has been benefiting enormously from the Clinton Crime Syndicate’s “foundation,” Hillary and Bill essentially were able to buy the super delegates before a primary vote was ever cast.
In the end, only a very narrow majority of Democratic primary voters went for Clinton, those being the types that couldn’t give two logs of feces about her lack of integrity.
So what did the great independent Bernie do in the face of all the corruption and antisemitism directed at him by DNC officials in secret emails released over the weekend? He heartily endorsed Hillary Clinton last night. “I am proud to stand with Hillary,” he said.
Wow! Proud to stand WITH her? That Bernie is quite the “independent.” Or perhaps Bernie wasn't really all that serious about everything Hillary is guilty of.
Bernie's delegates were stunned when he said he was proud to stand with her. But the Bernie supporters are not giving up. Actually, it is not surprising they are stunned that Bernie would march when the time came and Hillary asked him to march. They had no idea what they were supporting with Bernie and the are still clueless about what they continue to "support."
In the end, Bernie is really a "business as usual" Democrat. He really is doing it his way. He is very unique, just like every other Democrat.