A parade of bald-faced liars

© 2016 Jim Spence - The parade of liars at the Democratic convention last night was simply disgusting. And the appetite for lies in the Democratic Party appears to be insatiable. 
Mr. Obama led the avalanche of falsehoods with several of the bald-faced variety that reminded me of, "If you like your health insurance you can keep it." A quick side note - Our health insurance, which we liked, was cancelled after Obamacare went into effect. It has kept getting cancelled every year since then and our premiums have been jacked every year since then. Obama lied about how great his biggest screw up would be and Democrats don't seem to mind at all.
Last night in front of a bunch of fools (also known as delegates) protected from by an eight foot fence, Mr. Obama was at it again, when he claimed that thanks to his lead, “We finally began to wean ourselves off foreign oil.” That is actually not just an absurd lie, it is a joke. America's dependency on imported oil began to drop many years before Obama took office. And if Obama had his way, America's dependency on foreign oil would skyrocket. The energy department has made it harder than ever to produce domestic oil on all federal land under Obama. Fortunately, in places like Texas and North Dakota, there is plenty of oil on private lands. Nothing like taking credit for something you don't even believe in. Leave it to a Democrat to say it, and other Democrats to delude themselves into believing it.
Obama told another whopper last night when he said the U.S. had, “Doubled our production of clean energy,” over the last 7 1/2 years. That was also another big lie. Renewable energy production has only gone up by 40%. And it has only done so with billions of dollars in federal subsidies coming out of the taxpayer's pockets. With the whole dumb process of tossing money at over-priced wind turbines that butcher eagles by the thousands, electric bills have risen. You see, what Mr. Obama did not say last night was that he only likes wildly expensive energy, the kind that his crony capitalist buddies can get rich on thanks to the bilking of taxpayers.
Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine jumped right to lying mode last night. And he did so in fine fashion. He claimed that economist Mark Zandi was get this.....“John McCain’s chief economic adviser during the ’08 race.” Um....sorry Timmy, but Mark Zandi is in fact, a partisan Democrat. Kaine was trying to discredit Trump's tax proposals by insinuating that Zandi was a Republican, but Kaine somehow felt it necessary to lie about his source (Zandi). Kaine certainly fits the Clinton mode. Just make crap up.
Kaine also claimed that Trump, “Wants to abandon our NATO allies." Trump has actually said quite the opposite. Trump says he doesn’t want the U.S. to leave NATO. More important though, Trump has suggested he would not automatically defend NATO allies that do not pay their share of defense costs. It would seem that in true Democratic Party tradition, Tim Kaine wants American taxpayers to cover the defense costs of international freeloaders, just as he does with domestic freeloaders. It makes sense. Freeloaders are an important part of the base of the Democratic Party.
Serial liar Jesse Jackson was in mid-season form last night when he said, “We have not lost a single job, a single month,” since Obama became president. Really? Save that BS for your son when he returns from his parole officer visit. Or tell it to one of the kids you made with one your girlfriends. You know, the ones who were supported with 501-C-3 money? The hapless and hopelessly ignorant Democrats lapped up the Jackson job tripe like hogs at the trough. Jackson also lied right through his teeth when he claimed the U.S. trades, “More with Mexico than we do with China.” This should be big news to all of the out of work Mexicans, not to mention all of the workers unloading the Chinese freight ships docked at every west coast port. There isn't anyone walking on two legs anywhere in the world who doesn't know Jackson was lying on that one......except perhaps the vast majority of the delegates in Philadelphia last night and the fawning media.

How about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid? Reid actually claimed that Trump wanted to, “Gamble Social Security in the stock market.” Reid never passes up a chance to lie to senior citizen's when he gets in front of a microphone. The truth is actually just as disturbing to those of us hoping for entitlement reform. We have all been disappointed that Trump has called for making NO changes to Social Security. 
Harry Reid lies as easily as Olympic Marathoners breath. And Democrats swim in lies like Michael Phelps. Give them gold medals for lying and silvers for self-delusion.