It is all on you, Trump primary voters

© 2016 Jim Spence - Some people simply make your skin crawl. For me, Hillary Clinton is one of those persons. The evidence that she is a disgusting human being is formidable. The first-hand accounts alone, from Secret Service agents who have protected her over the years, reveal an astonishingly horrible individual.
For most Democrats, blindness and a complete lack of standards on candidates were abandoned long ago. You could see all principles being dumped more than two decades ago. Bill Clinton morphed from being a serial denier of sexual improprieties, to becoming a self-admitted sexual predator. However, it did not matter to Democrats, even when it became clear that Clinton took advantage of his position as the most powerful man in America to cop some temporary gratification from a young White House intern. Not only did Bill Clinton give every third grader in America the opportunity to learn about oral sex, he gave us all the chance to watch Hillary destroy the poor manipulated young intern who helped her husband get his jollies off.
I remember a family member and (serial Democrat) say with total disgust after Bill Clinton finally confessed to his predatory behavior that he would, “Never defend that guy again.” Of course less than two weeks later, this Democrat was defending him. This is the way it is with Democrats. There is simply no standard that can be set too low.
As Democrats stand on the precipice of giving the Clinton Crime Syndicate the keys to government for four more years, even after eight years of nightmares under Obama, one has to ask oneself......why? Why is America doing this?
Unfortunately, you could see this coming a hundred miles back. Last year I posted hundreds of comments on major media websites pleading with readers to recognize that Trump was “Fools Gold.” Others did likewise. However, too many GOP voters took the dumb-dumb bait, and now we are ALL going to pay.
The answer to beating Hillary was actually so simple. But the Republicans now have nobody to blame but themselves. The GOP had a golden opportunity with Marco Rubio to offer a bright young pro-business Hispanic man, with a beautiful young family and some class, to an America that was and still is starving for decency. Rubio was a phenomenal alternative to the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Instead of going for decency, and for other reasons known only to the GOP fools who pressed the Trump button, our country is going to get four years more with the most reprehensible slime bags who ever crawled out from under an Arkansas rock. The Clintons will be on television every single night. And they will be lecturing us on how to live our lives while they live like Nero.
To every single one of you GOP voters who propelled Trump forward, I hope you realize you have created the biggest train wreck in American history. I can only ask this of Trump primary voters…..why are you so very stupid? Your total lack of coherence is going to give us Hillary Clinton.
It is all on you.