Let's all pretend we've been "saved"

© 2016 Jim Spence - Having spent the last six days in Baltimore, the city where I was born sixty years ago, with only a glance you can see it has gradually become a place where there are hundreds of thousands of sixth generation welfare recipients slurping at the taxpayer trough. There are so many functionally illiterate folks here you can’t really count them all.
The public schools are so bad in Baltimore that even my progressive Democrat relatives won’t send their children to them. Instead, they vote to pay for education twice. One pile of money for education is made available to the Democrats in charge of public schools here, who steal via nepotism and other schemes. They steal everything that is not bolted to the floor and then beg for more money from government for the "kids." Of course the second pile of money goes to private schools that almost always teach the kids how to view the world like progressive Democrats. It is a curious doom loop.
Baltimore is pretty symbolic of urban America in the 21st Century. The city has become an incredible world of make-believe. In Baltimore, the residents pretend about everything. They pretend that despite the fact that we have a black president, a black first lady, scores of black elected officials, and of course thousands of famous rich black celebrities, that somehow, the system is still rigged against blacks. And if you don’t nod your head in agreement with this world view at every turn, you must be a racist. It is a really a fantastic “schtick” these progressive Democrats have going. The Clintons are the master chess players in this great con job.
Still, the old saying goes like this, “never discuss religion or politics.” I confess I used to have some fun with political discussions. These days it is no fun to even think about politics. The reason is pretty simple. The Marxists have won. Take a look around you. Not only has any semblance of debate disappeared about the importance of free markets, the progressive Democrats use your taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate all school children to think like Marxists. Children are taught that the solution to every problem is more government. And Trump supporters don’t even argue about the fundamental principles that separate us from the Marxists. Instead, they just point to the guy with the bad comb over, trophy-wife number three, and the phony sun tan, and say……he isn’t a Clinton, he is smart because at one time he bribed the Clintons.
America is becoming an incredible world of make-believe. We pretend about everything these days. We pretend unemployment is low (4.9%). This rate is lower than at any time in recent memory. If you don’t believe it, just read the unemployment figures the Department of Labor provides for public consumption. Of course you would think with full employment being what our government tells us it is, that the Federal Reserve would allow interest rates to reflect this wonderful economic situation. Nope. Interest rates are kept at sixty-year lows to support a still fragile economy, the economy that Obama purportedly “saved” with more government.
In essence this is really our problem. We pretend that government has already saved everything that needed saving, and will save everything that still needs saving.
Eventually, like the Venezuelans, who were told by Marxist Hugo Chavez that government was the solution to all of their problems, we will learn that the only thing government really does is save itself. High ranking government officials are not waiting in lines for food in socialist Venezuela, just the little people they are "saving."
I wrote and posted this column just a few miles from Washington D.C. and just minutes before I will head to the Baltimore-Washington International airport to fly back to New Mexico. I will be forced to arrive at the airport two and a half hours before my flight is scheduled to depart. Why so early? It will take forever to get through the TSA line. The TSA is saving me too.