Getting wasted and wasting taxpayer dollars

Obama using a dangerous and highly addictive drug
© 2016 Jim Spence - When you read the Obama administration's announcement today that it will allow more research into marijuana (more taxpayer dollars spent), while outright rejecting requests to relax the classification of the substance as a dangerous and highly addictive drug with no medical use, you begin to have a clear understanding of the obsession with never stopping spending on anything. Democrats whine all the time that young people, especially blacks, should not be jailed for petty drug crimes. But when you read this morning's announcement you realize that the priority is to make government as large as possible and never shrink anything. On any issue including dope smoking, contradictions be damned, Obama and the rest of the Democrats want people to stay on the federal payroll fighting pot and "studying" pot. There is nothing, including fighting petty marijuana violations that is too stupid to spend federal money on. And there is nothing that is too wasteful. No matter how silly and inexplicable these policies are, they (and their funding) will remain in place.

This morning, the Obama’s Drug Enforcement Administration finally produced a response to a 2011 petition (it took five years of bureaucratic effort to respond). The petition was filed by two former state governors who urged federal agencies to re-classify marijuana as a drug with accepted medical uses. Astonishingly, the government contradicted everything we know about this administration and its attitude towards pot, Obama himself, and Democrats in general, look the other way when it comes to their approach to those inclined to smoke dope.
He's really cool
The history is simple. For decades, marijuana has been classified as a "Schedule I" drug with "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." In the federal government's crossed eyes, pot is the same as heroin. This archaic policy continues as state after state throws in their prohibition towel and decriminalizes/legalizes its use.
Strangely, Obama’s appointees at the DEA are following suit with a history of repeated rejections of appeals over the years to reclassify marijuana. The loosening of the definition of the drug could actually encourage independent scientific study of the drug, which has already been shown to be helpful in treating some diseases as well as symptoms.
No sense in getting into the 21st century if someone at the federal level might lose a job. All of this comes while in twenty-five different states some forms of marijuana use for medical purposes are allowed. And get four states - Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado plus the District of Columbia recreational use of pot has been legalized for adults. In California and eight other states recreational and/or medical marijuana proposals are on the 2016 ballots.
It is another wink and nod from Obama, who has been captured on film smoking dope many times. Let’s just keep wasting money is the word from Washington. Oh, and it is just fine if you to take a few tokes and get wasted.
Sadly, wasting things, including himself, is the one thing Obama is really good at.