The all too familiar rhetorical tactics of Kapernick

© 2016 Jim Spence - It would seem that we were early to the commentary game on Colin Kapernick here at News New Mexico. Kapernick’s decision to slam the United States by expressing his sympathies for the Black Lives Matter movement set off a firestorm of reactions. 
We actually quoted Cam Newton in an earlier column when Newton set the tone for Kapernick’s meltdown. A week before Kapernick slammed the U.S., Newton said the U.S. was in the post-racial era, meaning he felt that for the most part racial discrimination has become a non-factor in day-to-day life in America. Over the weekend comedian Dave Chapelle seemed to echo the sentiments of Newton when he said, “black lives matter is a terrible slogan.”
It is more instructive to carefully review the exact words Kapernick used to explain himself. He said, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.”
Let's go over what Kapernick said word-for-word. He is not going to stand up. OK. We got it. Feels no pride in the country. We got that too. The U.S. oppresses black people and people of color? We are reading you loud and clear Colin. Bigger than football? Right, we got that point too.
Kapernick expresses his opinions, which he is more than entitled to, on standing up and showing pride. He cites oppression, and the lack of importance of football when compared to the airing of his grievances. No doubt Kapernick understood his views and actions would be viewed as controversial. He thought it through. This is the great thing about America. Not only is Kapernick entitled to form his own opinions freely, he is free to express them as a high profile figure in America.
Here is the catch. And it is a huge gigantic catch. It is the catch that always lands progressive socialist Democrats in the same category as Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, and other bible thumping tele-evangelists. Kapernick tries to jump the snake river when he pompously declares, “It would be selfish on my part to look the other way.”
Well now. Let’s think about those words very carefully and determine precisely what they really mean. Kapernick expressed his opinion which is fine. Then he cites his dubious reasons, which is also completely permissible in America. But then Kapernick justifies his views by cloaking himself in the morally superior robe. You see, everyone and anyone who disagrees with Kapernick, this includes Cam Newton, Dave Chapelle or thousands of other high profile people in America are not merely holding a differing opinion from Kapernick, nope, they are "looking the other way." And what are their motivations according to Kapernick for "looking the other way?" It is all very simple. It is because they, unlike the morally superior Kapernick, are SELFISH.
When you parse through the words used by ignorant buffoons like Colin Kapernick, you will actually find that they employ the same sort of "holier than thou" rhetorical tactics as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When you consider how they all use words to communicate their views, you begin to realize that these Democrats, just like Kapernick, do not merely have opinions.....they express these opinions in a way that can only mean one thing. If you do not agree with their view, it is because you are SELFISH and therefore you are morally inferior.
These are the rhetorical tactics that hardcore bible-thumping preachers like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker have used for decades. They, by virtue of their immensely higher purposes, are morally superior to you, simply because you don’t share their views on a given subject. You see you don’t see things differently, you know the truth and look the other way.
Most people take a look at the actions of a schmuck like Kapernick, shake their heads, and move on. They know he is misguided, stupid, and unable to process information on a fundamental level. But what they don’t realize is that all progressive Democrats suffer from the same intellectually hypocritical deficiencies as Kapernick. The fact that they routinely accuse others, with whom they disagree, with being selfish and morally inferior, makes them very difficult to stomach for more than about 45 seconds at a time when the subject of intelligent public policy comes up.

We will return to the wisdom of Thomas Sowell in our next column.