Diversity in the NFL and NBA

© 2016 Jim Spence - Being a big football fan I looked forward to opening day in the NFL yesterday. A few idiots tried to ruin it. But they failed.
Still, the incredible world of "make believe" continued this weekend in America with a number of highly paid black NFL players protesting the national anthem for supposed widespread wrongdoings by Americans.
Of course the diversity pimps applauded these protests as an expression of free speech. The protests are free speech. And in America, even the most hapless idiots have a right to freedom of expression. But......they are still hapless idiots.
The context for these acts of protest were actually so absurd they were comical. There is only one place in America that is LESS diverse than the NFL in terms of percentage representation by each so-called racial class (Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, etc.). That would be the NBA. In these two high profile sports (NBA and NFL) black players are overwhelmingly OVER-represented in terms of which racial group holds the most lucrative jobs. Yet nobody pimps for a change in the absence of diversity in the NFL or NBA. There are no Asian Americans, white Americans, or Native Americans staging sit-ins while whining and screaming for “diversity,” because the better black players are taking most of the jobs. If they did so they would be considered the laughing stock of the country. And even if they did protest, no coach, GM, or team owner would ever settle for lesser players simply for the sake of more equal racial representation. 
All Americans, black or otherwise, know that the best players get drafted, survive roster cuts, and get the highest salaries and bonuses…..period. The same thing is true in the American entertainment industry where box office draws like Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington, to name but a few, earn astronomical fees to perform in films.
But this is 21st Century America and the incredible world of "make believe" applies to EVERY OTHER AREA OF OUR COMPETITIVE LIVES EXCEPT the NFL and the NBA. Ask any Democrat. They will imply that we are all to simply "make believe" that racism is widespread everywhere else, except in the NFL and NBA. And this according to Democrats, is why blacks are being held down. It is intentional!
Democrats believe we should ignore the astonishing studies that show that black kids in the inner cities have a bogus phrase for good academic behaviors. Good academic behaviors would be the attending of classes, paying attention to the teachers, taking notes, reading, and of course completing assignments etc. Amazingly, millions of black kids routinely call these valuable behaviors, “acting white.” And in inner city circles “acting white” is frowned on. The cultural/peer pressures to not "act white" are enormous. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the poorest performing students in America, as a group, are the black students in the inner cities…..the ones that avoid “acting white” at all costs. 
The opposite of “acting white” of course, is the culture embraced in the inner cities. This culture does not merely condone the embracing of illiteracy, it embraces violence, drug use, government dependency, and sexual irresponsibility at early ages. This culture continues to produce tens of millions of single parent homes.
Still, if you consider the racial makeup of the NFL and NBA, the black players in those leagues live in a performance culture bubble. Black athletes are culturally in tune with the importance of a written game plan. Unlike the culture that embraces bad academic behavior, the black athletic culture rejects skipping practices, ignoring playbooks, and refusing to study game films. Black athletes embrace a culture that insures improvement is constant. In a nutshell, black athletes understand that if they do not internalize good habits that are essentially COMPETITIVE……they will get cut. And they don't want to get cut. They strive to be great.
Now let’s turn back to this charade going on in the NFL and in the election season these days. It is a charade that was first spearheaded by the clueless Colin Kaepernick. Since Kaepernick put his ignorance on display, there have been a few more NFL dunces that can’t seem to connect the competitive dots just like all Democrats cannot or will not connect the dots. These black athletes who were protesting play in a sport that has no diversity because blacks have and develop their talents and skills. These athletes intentionally ignore the cold hard realities about the culture outside of athletics.
Here is the cold hard truth. The aversion by millions of black children to “acting white,” as is the phrase in the inner city……..comes with devastating costs. The reason why blacks are OVER-represented when it comes to incarceration is because they embrace a culture that condones illiteracy, violence, drug use, government dependency, and sexual irresponsibility that creates tens of millions of single parent homes. It is embedded in the popular music, films, etc. It is a cancer.
It doesn't have to be this way. Blacks who marry and stay married experience the same exact low poverty rates as whites who do the same. And blacks that embrace literacy, reject violence, reject drug use, reject sexual irresponsibility, and reject government dependency, can and do prosper in America in great numbers. When black Americans have extraordinary talent and drive, they can and do become extraordinary. Oprah Winfrey, Robert Smith, Robert Johnson, Don Peebles, and Berry Gordy are on a list of highly accomplished American blacks that goes on and on including our inexplicably racially paranoid president.....Mr. Obama. Obama won two general elections in the same America he, Hillary Clinton, and these protesting NFL players believe has a bias against people of color.

There is a fundamental truth that EVERYONE understands about the NFL and the NBA, that NOBODY wants to admit about everything else in life. The reason why so many blacks do so poorly in America is simple. To use the vernacular of the athlete…..they make choices that turn them into lousy players. They skip life’s practices, they ignore life’s playbook, and they refuse to watch the equivalent of films about competing in society that would make them better players. Nobody drafts illiterate and irresponsible players, because these kinds of players can’t help ANY team.
Finally, nothing any make-believe grievance pimp like Colin Kaepernik, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton says is going to change the fact that lousy players make bad teammates. The only thing that is going to change the black experience for millions of kids that grow up to be adults in America is a cultural shift that once and for all spurns the idea that embracing literacy, rejecting violence, rejecting drug use, rejecting sexual irresponsibility, and rejecting government dependency contradicts with their "racial identity."
In the meantime, my question is pretty simple. Knowing all that we know, why aren't these race pimps already the laughing stock of the country?
Only when the cynical bastards who race pimp become the laughing stock of the country, will the lot in life of the average inner city black kid begin to improve.