“Thank you for reminding me, thanks, Obama.”

© 2016 Jim Spence - This is America. It’s a free country (according to the Constitution). The point is you don’t have to love Barack Obama. And it is really just fine if you don’t love him. Because Barack Obama loves himself enough, even to make up for all of us who know he is the worst president in history.
You have to admire the guy's indestructible self-esteem. You can bet he doesn’t ever mope around the White House beating himself up over gross errors in judgment or countless lost opportunities.
It seems that Mr. Obama was out, ostensibly stumping for Hillary Clinton earlier this week. But of course what Obama was really doing was stumping for himself.
People in Philadelphia got an earful of how great he is. During his speech that was supposedly about Hillary Clinton, he managed to mention himself 137 times.
As Obama is want to do and do repeatedly…….in Philly he was taking credit. Obama takes credit in all sorts of ways. Mainly though, he takes credit for bad things that he actually has the temerity to claim are good. He also takes credit for good things that he has had nothing to do with. Earlier this week the case in point was lower gas prices. Only Obama, who has done everything in his power to drive up gas prices, would point to lower gas prices and take credit for them. 
The truth is it has been the forces of supply and demand that have overwhelmed all of his stupid energy policies, policies he knows have had nothing to do with lower gas prices. Still like a peacock he preened before a crowd of ignorant and clueless rubes and uttered nonsense about how he lowered gas prices. The whole charade came down in a comical way, if it were not clear that those in attendance who adore him were so pathetic. Obama was telling everyone how great he was when one of the hundreds of stooges in the audience urged him to take credit for lower gas prices. He actually paused and then did so saying in perhaps his most arrogant self-congratulatory tone ever, “Thank you for reminding me, thanks, Obama.”
Again this entire sham is going down while he is ostensibly on the stump trying to help Mrs. Clinton’s sagging campaign.
Amazingly, the man who minus Fox News has gotten the most supportive coverage from the media in the history of the nation, actually whined about how the media does its job during the same stump speech.
At the end of the day there is no doubt that Obama has the ability wallow into the dirty cesspool that is the Clinton Crime Syndicate without getting the least bit of a whiff of the corruption that goes on there on a grand scale. Not only is the man tone deaf with people who have a firm grip on reality, he has no sense of smell either.

So why is Obama supposedly stumping for Hillary? He knows that if the nation elects his handpicked successor it will reflect well on him not her. And in the end this is all it will ever be with Obama…..it is all about him. Otherwise he would not have mentioned himself 137 times when he was supposedly supporting Hillary.