What used to be deranged opinions could become law

© 2016 Jim Spence - The responses I receive to my columns here on New Mexico are encouraging. I can tell by the dialogue that readers actually THINK about facts and evidence. They process information and understand life is not about absolutes but about trade-offs. It is encouraging.
And so here we Americans who care about the nation are. It is late September of 2016. We are only four months away from the end of an eight year nightmare more widely known as Barack Obama. Obama, who is revered by Hollywood, public education, and every television news outlet in the nation except Fox News, is clearly the worst president in the history of America. Richard Nixon had held that honor since the mid 1970’s, but at least Nixon had the basic decency to resign. And of course our news media, which caught Nixon red-handed in his lying and cheating and held him accountable, inexplicably provides cover for an astonishing string of scandals under Obama. Some of Obama’s scandals have led to deaths…..not just amateur burglaries and a few dirty tricks. But enough about Obama……what do we do now?
If you are a regular reader of this column you are aware of the mountain of evidence that proves conclusively that Hillary Clinton belongs in a federal prison, not the White House. And if you have paid attention to Donald Trump you could not possibly have much of a clue about what he actually believes on a number of topics. I have suggested and still believe that Gary Johnson is the most qualified candidate for the presidency.
Image result for the supreme courtHowever, I have finally changed my mind for good on how to vote after thinking long and deep about the reasons why I might vote for Trump. In the end, I have found four unmistakable reasons why I and every single American with common sense (this eliminates all serial Democrats) simply MUST punch the Trump button in November. These four reasons are: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotemayor, and Stephen Breyer. These four people, who write judicial opinions that are literally deranged, need but a single appointee like them to complete the irreversible destruction of the U.S. Constitution. These four people have stood ready and willing to twist the very meaning of the simplest of words in our governing document. This is a document that ended slavery and gave women the right to vote.
If Hillary Clinton is able to appoint Antonin Scalia’s replacement, this country will quickly be destroyed by the judicial branch of our government. The only person standing in her way is Donald Trump. So in the end, it really does not matter what you think of Trump (I don’t think much of him). You have to view the 2016 election as a vote to help Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, and John Roberts save the country. You have to hope that Trump stays true to his word and will appoint a decent human being who will respect the U.S. Constitution instead of trampling all over it. We have no hope with Hillary Clinton. She will appoint a Marxist imbecile who will destroy us.