Brentley Vinson's life matters

© 2016 Jim Spence - Well what do you know? The inner city black population in Charlotte has found an excuse to riot, injure police officers, scream terribly racist white hatred phrases at anyone within earshot, attack reporters sympathetic to their ruses, and oh yes………steal and destroy other people’s property.
Why are the criminal elements of the Charlotte black community rioting while yelling white hatred phrases at the top of their lungs? Because Keith Lamont Scott, a black man with a long criminal record that includes multiple assault convictions was shot by get this……….an police officer.
Not that it matters to people who are predisposed to hate whites, stereotype all police officers, and steal/destroy other people’s property, but it is instructive to contrast the backgrounds on these two black men. 
On the one hand you have a career violent criminal with a trail of victims as long as a checkout line at Wal-Mart on a Friday evening. On the other hand you have a police officer who should be being hailed as a community hero for making the place safer and surviving great personal risks.
Brentley Vinson
The Charlotte Observer carried a profile of Officer Brentley Vinson recently. Vinson was raised in Charlotte. He was a high school football star his junior year. He did not play as a senior due to a knee injury. Vinson was also an excellent student and earned a scholarship to Liberty University. At Liberty, Vinson majored in criminal justice and became a captain of the football team leading the small school in tackles as a senior in 2012.
When Vinson graduated from college he realized his personal dream and became a police officer, just as his father had. Two years ago Vinson joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force. He has been an exemplary officer ever since and has never been the subject of any disciplinary actions. The point here is pretty simple. America needs more Brentley Vinsons....not fewer. And America has problems with far too many Keith Lamont Scott's, men who often kill innocents. To assume that somehow this fine young man with a pristine background who works in law enforcement would ever want to kill another black man without justification, is the stupidest thing anyone could possibly believe. And yet that is exactly what the race pimps in America's Democratic Party and their surrogate criminals trashing the city of Charlotte would have you believe.
The truth is Brentley Vinson has a life too. And his life matters a great deal…….but not to race pimping criminals who spread ignorance and hatred in the black communities of virtually every inner city in America.
The pattern of fomenting cultural disintegration continues. And sadly, this is a pattern that Democratic Party elected officials welcome and encourage everywhere. It is the only way they can maintain their virtual monopoly on the uninformed black voters.
The demonizing of Brentley Vinson is just one more pathetic example of what a sorry excuse for a leader Barack Obama has been ever since he first ran for office as clueless hack in the black-on-black crime capital of the world…….his hometown of Chicago. Barack Obama has been spreading poison through the black community in America like stage four cancer. And Hillary Clinton promises more of the same.