Taking a dump on America

© 2016 Jim Spence - Document dumps on Friday afternoons that disclose criminal activity have become a way of life for the Obama administration this year. Ordered by a federal judge to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, important documents have been slow dripped to the American public. Or more accurately, slow dripped to the American free press for the last few years of this dreadful presidency. Of course the Obama bureaucrats have played the news cycle delay game, making it harder to connect the dots. However, the vast majority of the free press is little more than a cheering section for Mr. Obama anyway, so there are very few journalists who actually might try to do their jobs and connect the criminal dots.

This weekend a document dump finally helped inquiring minds connect the dots that were created a few months ago when FBI Director James Comey grabbed the national spotlight. It was then that Comey announced despite widespread evidence that Hillary Clinton committed crimes, that he would not recommend the Obama Department of Justice prosecute her. Of course Comey was grilled on Capitol Hill for his transgressions. And as he answered questions by lawmakers, Comey knew that Hillary Clinton had already lied under oath to Congress. Coyly, Comey pretended that he did not know that what she said during her sworn testimony.....clearly contradicted what she told his FBI.

What FBI Director Comey did was shady and clumsy. But what Comey did worked. Democrats, aided by their staunch allies in the media, began to obfuscate the implications of what Comey said and what Mrs. Clinton did. Mrs. Clinton remained the Democratic Party nominee.

Last Friday it all became clear to those of following Clinton email scandal why the FBI director refused to follow the law and prosecute her. It seems, according to Friday’s document dump, that Mr. Obama communicated frequently via email with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And get this…..Obama used a pseudonym to disguise his identity. Friday’s document dump disclosed that Clinton aide Huma Abedin was dumbfounded when the FBI inexplicably told her that Obama had been ensnared in the scandal by emailing Clinton using a pseudonym. When Abedin learned of this revelation she first wondered aloud how those exchanges could “not be classified.” And then Abedin wisely asked the FBI for a “copy” of those emails.

Abedin is no dummy. She knew that with evidence in her possession that Obama was clearly involved directly in the scandal, the only way her boss Hillary would be prosecuted for her conduct, would be if the Obama administration was ready for Clinton's lawyers to disclose Obama's involvement in all of these illegal activities. Of course the Obama DOJ was not about to expose its own boss to the scandal, so the DOJ/FBI declined to prosecute Mrs. Clinton. They had to stop the cancer from spreading even if what they did was dirty.

As the saying goes......and now WE KNOW. If Obama's Department of Justice had prosecuted Hillary Clinton as they have prosecuted hundreds of people for mishandling classified information, Hillary’s defense would have been……..look, even Obama communicated with me via my unsecured server. He used a pseudonym that we agreed on to disguise his identity and cover his tracks.

What will come of this? Not much. The Obama administration waited until the weekend/eve of the presidential debates knowing that the media would not be bothering to connect dots, but instead would be laser focusing on the circus debate event that will take place tonight.

In yesterday’s column I posted a picture of Obama and Nixon side by side. The Nixon administration disgraced itself with criminal conduct up and down the chain of command and multiple convictions and resignations. The only difference between Nixon and Obama is a sense of shame. Nixon had a little, Obama has none.