Not a single word

© 2016 Jim Spence - Let me begin this column by conceding that I did not watch the “debate” last night. Listening to and/or watching Hillary Clinton for five minutes or Trump for ten would be the sort of self-imposed torture that only a masochist would sign up for. If you did watch the circus you should be congratulated for your pain and irritation tolerance.
First thing this morning I surveyed numerous news outlets to see what the candidates had to say regarding, border security/immigration, the Clinton email scandal which ensnared Mr. Obama over the weekend when it was revealed that he communicated via email on her unsecured server using a pseudonym, the blatant financial corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and the failures in Benghazi where four Americans were killed on Mrs. Clinton’s watch and she was caught in a despicable web of lies.
It would seem according to various "news" accounts of the “debate” that not a single question was asked by any of the four moderators on any of these subjects despite the fact there was a full ninety minutes of time to do so.
There you have it, the American news media in all of its glory. Mrs. Clinton has the most astonishing negatives in the history of politics on her total lack of honesty, mainly because she has been caught telling lies about her email, the deaths of her subordinates in Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation, and yet not a single debate moderator saw fit to call her out on these issues and give her a chance to lie some more or come clean. And like him or hate him, Mr. Trump took down every other Republican candidate on the immigration/border security issue. It is a big issue that Mrs. Clinton has challenged him on repeatedly. Not a single word.
Apparently, thanks in great part to Clinton campaign surrogate Lester Holt, the two talked plenty about racism.
No wonder this country is headed the wrong direction.