Who is really thinking here?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The curious thing about the debate reaction after Monday night was the reaction by the so-called intellectuals in the Republican Party. Of course the left leaning elites in the Democratic Party trotted out the same tired old analysis of any debate that they always do. They don’t really analyze after a debate. They simply repeat absurd accusations over and over. According to Democratic talking heads, every Republican presidential nominee in my entire life has been an incorrigible racist. Harry Reid called Trump a racist on the floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday. What a surprise. He does that every four years. The Democrat playbook has not changed. Divide the country along racial lines is and will always be the priority of all Democrats, until the GOP nominates a Hispanic or black candidate.
What has changed was the way the so called intellectual elites in the Republican Party analyzed the debate on Monday. On sites like National Review and the Weekly Standard, Trump’s performance was almost universally panned. I have never seen this before. The point here is pretty simple. Most of the GOP think tanks cannot stand Trump. They are so caught up in their dislike for him, that like the Bush family, they are willing to allow Hillary Clinton to turn the Supreme Court into a permanent Marxist stronghold for the Democrats and destroy any chance we have to save this country from sinister litigation.
There is something else going on beneath the surface of the unprincipled elites that dominate the discourse on both sides of the political spectrum. There are millions of Americans who don’t eat sleep and drink politics every day who realize that all of these really smart and well-read hotshots are all about status quo. There can be no other explanation for the Bush family being willing to put another Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the court. There can be no other explanation for National Review or the Weekly Standard tacitly paving the way for the Clinton Crime Syndicate to take over America, than a underlying preference for the status quo. It really doesn’t matter if Trump will appoint someone with sense to help Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, Trump has insulted the National Review and Weekly Standard types. They don’t like that at all. They all have their dignity.
Again, I did not watch the “debate.” I haven’t watched a presidential “debate” in many years. It is too disturbing to me to hear Democrats fire the racist accusation at someone with reverence for the constitution as if it were an inhale/exhale/racist accusation reflex sequence. However, I did look at a broad range of polls the next day. It is clear that the majority of the public thought Trump won the debate, while all of the so-called intellectuals in both political camps thought Trump was horrible and Hillary won. It is just one more example of what happens when America is both governed and analyzed by either Marxists, or “Read My Lips” Republicans for far too long.
Given what is at stake with the Supreme Court the question has to be asked. Who is really thinking clearly here……….the GOP elites or the people sick of status quo?