Progressive socialism is America’s fastest growing religion

© 2016 Jim Spence - The oldest rhetorical trick in the book is the old question …..”Have you stopped beating your wife?”
Essentially creating a false narrative to begin every discussion automatically sets up an imbalance that must first be corrected before anything meaningful can take place. If you can’t get the false narrative corrected, you are wasting your time.
Intellectually speaking, as a country, America is there. We are literally wasting our time.
In recent years I have learned that progressive Democrats are not merely people with strong political views, they are religious fanatics. As such, the progressives have created false narratives for almost all aspects of life. They can quote you socialist scripture on anything. And they are dominating almost all information sources.
All you have to do is watch news reports or read newspapers; false narratives are everywhere. Even if you restrict your consumption of information to fairly controlled sources, you will find yourself waking up and shaking your head all day. It goes on seven days a week in America now.
Forget about challenging a progressive about his or her presumptions. The responses you get will be mindful of the religious fanatic who insists the earth is only eight thousand years old. Facts will never matter to a progressive Democrat. They are 21st Century book burners.
If you have lived sixty years, as I have, you have noticed that the same old things are framed differently now. For the first forty-five years of my life we had lightening, rain, strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, cold spells, winter storms, blizzards, the occasional Indian summer in the fall, and yes even heat waves. These days when I check the Weather Channel in the morning, all of these normal things that have been occurring for millions of years are now called, “climate change.” The climate change narrative is carefully designed. All academic papers containing the powerful evidence against global warming is squashed by grant thirsty "researchers." Instead progressives insist on using contrived propaganda to convince you to hate coal, natural gas, and oil. You see, you need to hate these things even if you like it when the electrical power is reliable, your new I-phone gets made and delivered on time, your computer runs, there is food at the grocery store, and your car takes you where you want to go.
You hear from progressives about the tremendous value of “diversity.” You are supposed to universally demand more diversity throughout all aspects of society…….except for your favorite NFL or NBA team. On those teams Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites are completely under-represented in the work force. Of course, the lack of diversity "imbalances" are never mentioned by anyone in the sports media because it does not fit the progressive’s religious narrative on diversity. The fact that the NFL and NBA business owners do what every other business owner tries to do is a dirty little secret that should never be mentioned. Imagine that these business people always try to hire the best players they can possibly find. So strange. Progressives would have you pretend the NBA and NFL are the only places where business people look for the best talent. In all other endeavors, according to progressive's false narrative, business people practice racism as a matter of routine instead of looking for talented players.
Turn on the local news at ten and watch a local news reporter out in the field explain that some slime bag robbed a convenience store and then got shot to death when he threatened a cop and tried to steal the cop’s weapon. Flip to a different channel in another city and watch a news reporter talk about a couple of black drug dealing gang banger's killing of an innocent black child, who was hit with their stray bullets during a drug turf war shootout. Of course neither of these stories ever becomes national news. The situations come up in the inner cities all of the time. They are not newsworthy. Of course, IF the convenience store robber just happens to be black and the cop he tried to take the gun from just happens to be “white.” Then it will become national news and the progressive Democrats political/religious narratives will immediately kick in. Racism, racism, racism.
The false narratives are endless. If there is an unsolved problem you can be sure it is the profit-motive that is at fault. Every person working in the private sector either has impure profit seeking motives or they work for a company with impure motives. Every bureaucrat of course is an unselfish public servant, even the people destroying the Veteran’s Hospital system.
If gas prices go up oil companies are gouging. If gas prices stay down the oil companies have nothing to do with it.
The lies and deceit are so thick and permeate every nook and cranny of everyday life so much, there is no longer any place to hide. Sadly, hundreds of millions of Americans are clueless to the scam.
Progressive socialism is America’s fastest growing religion and Hillary Clinton wants to be the next pastor of that church. Please excuse me if I take a pass on every sermon.