© 2016 Jim Spence - How did America arrive at this intersection of abyss and total despair? Don’t look to journalism to accurately report that Americans are shaking their heads. Questions that should be asked and answered are left unasked.
Why do we have a pair of slime bags who successfully won the two major party nominations? Why are all of the other presidential candidate choices excluded from the presidential debates when most Americans hate Trump and Clinton? Why must we choose from two presidential candidates who say horrible things about each other……..that are pretty much all true?
The answers to these basic questions are actually pretty simple. The process that got us here began with otherwise decent people compromising on basic fundamental principles. We began with what seemed like harmless little concessions. They were made to Franklin Roosevelt while the Germans were making big compromises to accommodate Hitler for the same reasons. Looking the other way to appease what turned out to be dangerous people started the process. The American cousins of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao began to chip away at what distinguishes America from every other nation on the planet in the wake of the Great Depression.
For starters, productive people stepped aside so that forces in the Democratic Party were allowed to gradually dumb down the public schools while politicizing them at the same time. This simple abdication has led to one disaster after another.
Millions of American people know instinctively that public education stinks. It explains why the use of parochial schools and home schooling has exploded. Still, a sorry public education system has dominated the American landscape for decades now. And over time this has led to several generations of Americans that each contains a majority of citizens who have no idea how dangerously powerful and arrogant government has become, especially relative to a more vibrant free market. In the schools we have allowed a relentless bashing of free market capitalism, while any questioning of the cancer of an entrenched government bureaucracy has gone unchecked.
The effects of not properly educating the American public about the dangers of big government throughout history are widespread. We have seen a hypocritical entertainment industry develop over time. It shapes a self-destructive pop culture, while also cloaking itself in freedom of expression protections that are embedded in the U.S. Constitution. Greedy entertainment executives pretend they look out for the little guy while pumping out one violently exploitative film after another. A scandalous hip hop music industry does the same thing with its music lyrics. These two iconic influences on American culture make billions of dollars off the masses while bashing the profit motives of all others in their films and musical themes. The "entertainment" industry doesn’t stop there. It promotes phony racial narratives and belts out bogus predictions about environmental dangers. Their alarmist messages and bogus predictions make Chicken Little seem like a mildly concerned individual. Their reckless actions have led to the deaths of police officers and the destruction of energy jobs in America.
Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will take corrective actions necessary to reverse the flood of negative trends. They are both simply mesmerized by power and they know that big government not a vibrant free market is the ultimate power in the country now. 
Unfortunately America doesn't need another compulsive liar, it needs cultural and economic chemotherapy. Trump and Clinton propose Band-Aids. 
If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency she will accelerate the nation’s demise by appointing a Supreme Court justice who will, along with the four other Obama and Clinton appointees, completely ignore the U.S. Constitution.
Our best hope for Trump is that he will appoint a Supreme Court justice who will delay the inevitable by appointing a judge who will follow the U.S. Constitution instead of perverting it. This alone is reason enough to give him your vote.
Why would I suggest the demise of America is inevitable? Because tomorrow when we all wake up we will still have a public education system that is dumbing down America. We will still have a pop culture with no clue about fundamental truths......cancerous pop culture will continue to influence millions.
Sadly, the demographic realities are simple. More people who were not dumbed down and poisoned by pop culture and bad education are dying each year as they age, while they are replaced by uninformed new adults who are total rubes. Young adults are mostly rubes simply because they have no idea why their lives are so comfortable. We have not taught them why the U.S. Constitution matters for decades.
As all of this this happens we become more and more like countries in Europe who are failing miserably. Why the European disaster is held up as a model I’ll never know.