Nobody seems to care

© 2016 Jim Spence - Every older generation finds fault with the younger generation. When we baby boomers were kids we heard it and heard it good from our parents and grandparents. They implied that our generation was not up to speed.
Some people would argue that the baby boomers rebelled. This is a misnomer. Most baby boomers did not rebel from the selfish and entitled attitudes promoted by Democrats and embraced by most of the members of the post-Depression generation. Most baby boomers willingly swallowed the absurd notion that more and more government was the solution to every problem. Yes, the majority of baby boomers have been drinking FDR's big government Kool Aid early and often. Worse yet, most baby boomers have participated in the gradual conditioning of America to accept corruption. 
It was not always this way. Forty years ago America had a profession known as journalism. Most journalists had a single agenda. They sought facts and exposed the truth. We watched the movie, All the President’s Men, again earlier this week. It is more amazing than ever to see how much energy the young Washington Post reporters, (Woodward and Bernstein) had for the pursuit of facts. Their work eventually exposed the widespread corruption within the Nixon Administration. Did Woodward and Bernstein do their jobs because they were anti-Nixon Democrats? Perhaps it is the romantic in me that wants to believe they did their work because they found corruption to be despicable. Coincidentally, the film, which was very accurate, lampooned a pathetic investigation by the FBI into the corruption of the Nixon White House. More than forty years ago the Nixon Department of Justice was a joke, just as the Obama Department of Justice is a big joke today. It would seem that politicians would not investigate themselves in the 1970’s, just as they won’t do so today. It took a couple of energetic reporters to stay after the facts of Watergate while the FBI tried to get the nation to look the other way. 
Where have all of these reporters gone and who is working in the press today? These days we are again seeing an “off again and back on again” investigation of the incredible corruption of the Clinton crime machine. Though the FBI said it was re-opening the Clinton files yesterday, the so-called investigative “efforts” of the FBI have been no less convincing in 2016, than they were when the Nixon FBI engaged in an investigation of “all the president’s men.”
Despite all of the astonishing revelations the FBI admitted it uncovered before FBI Director James Comey decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, it appears that the country is on the cusp of handing the keys of government to despicable people who behave like common thieves.
As easy as it is to blame the news media for looking the other way on corruption, the situation is much more circular and insidious than that. The news media, like our pop culture is simply a by-product of our failed education system. It has been quite some time since critical thinking was revered. Propaganda disguised as entertainment or news is everywhere. The examples are endless. Here are a few:
A children’s film, The Lego Movie, has nothing more than an animated film message teaching the viewer that all business is evil. It implied that business people favor the idea of big intrusive government and crony capitalism. In the film, the villain’s name is actually Lord Business. I’ll spare you the details of the film. By the end, it was clear that the intent of the script was for the term, “business” to imply the worst of motives. The great irony of the Lego Movie film is that it was made by the film business to sell legos……which it did. Business bashing business as a matter of doing more business……this is the 21st Century Hollywood business model.
If you have watched the conduct of the Clintons, you have to wonder when enough is enough. The Clintons went from insuring that grade school kids would begin to ask about blow jobs, to selling pardons to America's most wanted (Marc Rich) as they exited the White House sixteen years ago. These days the Clintons use their “foundation” like Vito Corleone used the olive oil business……simply as a cover for organized crime activities.
One question remains as we head towards Election Day. Why does the average American tolerate the Clinton’s brazen corruption? The answer to this question requires more questions.
Why do millions of Americans engage in texting while operating motor vehicles that weigh 3000 pounds or more and are traveling 60-80 mph on the highway or in tight traffic lanes in city traffic? The answer is simple. The millions of people who do this are stupid.
Why do preposterous propaganda movies draw huge audiences?The answer is simple. The millions of people who pay to watch this drivel are stupid.
Why does a backup quarterback with a bloated $100 million contract, who refuses to respect the national anthem, have the top selling jersey in the NFL? The answer is simple. The millions of people who buy Kaepernick jerseys are stupid.
Why would a recent survey reveal that nearly 100% of voting age millennials recognize a picture of Pikachu (a video game character) while only 61% recognize a picture of the Vice President of the U.S.? The answer is simple. America is terminally uninformed.
As we head into November of 2016, both major parties have every right to be ashamed of their presidential nominee. However, our domestic news media (minus Fox) only engages in the shaming of one candidate (Trump). If you pay any attention at all, the collusion of those running the news media outlets with the Clinton campaign is nothing more than a partnership. The contrived indignation by the news media over only one of two pathetic candidates…..begins and ends right there.

Nobody seems to care.