Loretta Lynch, a very "special" prosecutor

Image result for nixon obama image© 2016 Jim Spence - Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has been caught in an avalanche of lies. She has lied and lied and lied. Even when Democrats are polled exclusive of any Republicans, Hillary Clinton is branded as a pathological liar.

America goes unprotected these days. We once had a solid press that investigated Richard Nixon's criminal actions. Today the press, stacked with shameless Democratic loyalists, continues to pretend there is nothing beyond a few relatively harmless lies coming from the perpetually ethically-challenged Hillary Clinton.

The irony of these amazing breaches of national security are thick. The chief fact finder, Wikileaks, is actually a far left-leaning organization. It has been the Wikileaks hacking of websites that has produced emails that prove Barack Obama has been telling all of us as many lies as Hillary has. Barack Obama’s emails to Hillary, and his emails to others about Hillary, have completely contradicted his benign for "public consumption" statements regarding his communications with his Secretary of State.

Like Nixon, Obama has lied repeatedly to the American press and people. He has said he knew nothing about Hillary's transgressions when he actually knew everything. Astonishingly, Obama's own emails to Hillary Clinton were sent to her under a pseudonym. No U.S. president uses a pseudonym. It is absurd. And Obama's emails to others actually called for the "cleaning up" of Hillary's illegal server activities......the ones he has said he knew nothing of.

What is also profoundly corrupt about this situation is Nixon-like fashion in which Obama is using Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department (can you say John Mitchell) to obstruct justice. Lynch has clearly been pressuring the FBI to bury these crimes instead of prosecuting them. The trouble for Lynch is the corruption is simply too widespread. Accordingly, new and even more compelling evidence continues to pop up. This is happening as practically everyone around the Clinton Crime Syndicate falls under criminal investigation.

Consider that Hillary Clinton orchestrated the destruction of subpoenaed evidence. In classic criminal mode, Hillary thought ALL of the evidence she ordered destroyed, actually got destroyed. Ooops, Hillary forgot to order the destruction of Huma Abedin's laptop computer. Abedin's laptop also happened to be Anthony Wiener’s laptop computer. And because Wiener came under investigation for his own perverse transgressions, many emails Hillary thought were destroyed showed up on his computer when the FBI was taking a look at it. No doubt Ms. Lynch wanted the FBI to ignore this new cache of evidence. But the FBI didn't. 

Hillary has suddenly began condemning FBI Director James Comey for looking at evidence she thought had been destroyed. Comey you will recall, is the man that just three months ago the Clinton camp was thanking for letting her skate.

The problem for A.G. Lynch is the FBI has career law enforcement agents. Unlike Lynch, real law enforcement people take their oaths seriously. Career FBI agents realize they have prosecuted and jailed dozens of people who have done far less than Hillary Clinton. Unlike Lynch, who has no integrity, FBI agents can't make themselves continue to look the other way.

Of course the larger problem with pursuing charges against Clinton is the process is sure to ensnare Barack Obama. Once again as is always the case with corrupt politicians, the cover-up is a crime in itself. This cover-up  is going to be even more serious. Loretta Lynch needs all the help she can get on this one. Accordingly, former Obama A.G. Eric Holder, the only A.G. ever censured by Congress for lying under oath, pitched in to help Lynch this week. With the facts all pointing to widespread corruption, Holder found it necessary to run cover for Lynch by writing a preposterous op-ed piece for get this.......the Washington Post. The irony is almost too much. In this op-ed piece Holder defends all of the corrupt actions Lynch has taken simply by attacking Comey.

The truth is FBI Director James Comey never wanted to let Hillary Clinton skate the first time. He simply was relentlessly pressured by Loretta Lynch to not pursue his law enforcement duties with Clinton. Comey knew Lynch would not prosecute so instead of resigning he played ball.

Sadly the American press is the most astonishing entity involved (or not involved) in this massive corruption, The press which almost uniformly affirmed Comey earlier this year as he claimed he was not in favor of prosecuting Hillary, is now parroting the Democrat's condemnation of him. Comey should have done himself a favor and resigned when the overt corruption of one, Loretta Lynch forced him to not do his job the first time.

The difference between Obama and Nixon is easy to spell out. There will be no need for a Nixon-like Saturday night massacre in 2016, simply because no SPECIAL PROSECUTOR was ever appointed to clean up this mess. The absence of a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR has always been the key to obstructing justice. In short, Obama has refused to prosecute himself. 

The charade will continue. James Comey is going to seemingly be allowed to do his job, while Loretta Lynch continues to obstruct justice behind the scenes, Lynch will shield Hillary Clinton from any prosecution, because Lynch must, at all costs, avoid a legal discovery process that would bring to even more light, all the ways in which Barack Obama told the American people a pack of lies regarding his own handling of classified information.

You see, only the little people get prosecuted for breaking national security laws……little unimportant people, like soldiers and others who risk their lives to protect the Clintons the Obamas, and the rest of America. There is a reason why special prosecutors are needed for big shots and the Clintons and Obamas are way smarter than Nixon about these situations. They already have their own special prosecutor. Her name is Loretta Lynch.