Do we really want more idiots to vote?

© 2016 Jim SpenceBe sure to remember to vote. How often do you hear that empty phrase? This is a thought worth exploring forty-eight hours before a major election. Should we encourage more people to vote?
Some people think so. Which ones? Apparently the far left cast on the show, Saturday Night Live, actually broke out of character last night. It seems that on this aging live television show, the cast stopped in midstream to remind their viewers, the ones they brainwash politically every week, to go out and "vote." No doubt these Hollywood elites are hoping their viewers will vote the way Hollywood does……in favor of the relentless march of big government continue unchecked.
Perhaps one of the great mysteries of the day is why so many of the old pro-liberty liberals from the 1960’s and 1970’s morphed into Orwellian gov-bots? We will save exploration of that 180 degree flip flop for another day.
Still, the question should be addressed. Do we actually want everyone to vote? This would include people who don’t know what country America gained its independence from, let alone when. This would also include people who trade texts while driving their automobiles. This would also be people who watch Jerry Springer and read grocery store tabloids. These are people who know more about Pokemon than they do about Joe Biden. Essentially this would include every dumb buffoon you ever met.
When I think about voter turnout, I think about the case of the six innocent Baltimore police officers that were the victims of a malicious prosecution earlier this year. Their lawyers wisely surveyed the intellectual landscape in Baltimore. They considered that the voters there went overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama in the last two elections. These lawyers know that the city of Baltimore has an electorate that never votes for anyone except a Democrat. What did the police officer’s attorneys decide to do to insure an intelligent application of justice? What they didn’t do is put themselves at the mercy of the average Democrat voter who lives in the city of Baltimore. A pool of Democrats is a pool of fools. They knew all of these people have been brainwashed. Nope, instead they chose to be tried by a single judge not a bunch of "voters." These lawyers already knew the facts were in their favor. They knew that not only did the prosecutor have no case, but they knew that no reasonable judge would convict their clients. But they also knew idiot Democrats don't care about facts.
In the end, not only did that Baltimore judge acquit the police officers, he wrote a scathing opinion chastising the partisan Democrat prosecutor. All of this came down after the Democrats who run Baltimore, handed over $6 million of taxpayer dollars to settle a “wrongful death” lawsuit with Freddie Gray’s family.
The point here is simple. Not only is there a blanket of corruption covering virtually every major metro area in this country, this corruption is tolerated by a deeply ignorant Democrat voting population in those areas. These are Democratic Party strongholds. The would-be “voters” in these inner-cities have very few clues about anything except the welfare state. Baltimore is but a tip of the urban cesspool iceberg.
In Chicago, more than six hundred people have been murdered this year. Chicago is a Democratic Party stronghold with strict gun control laws. Detroit is another intellectual cesspool and also a Democrat stronghold. The list is endless.
This begs a question. Why would anyone with any sense think it would benefit America to get a huge voter turnout by people who are uninformed, uneducated, tolerant of violence, and willing to accept corruption? The answer is pretty easy. Democrats benefit when more of the nation’s most uniformed and uneducated people vote.
In the end there are also many educated people who vote Democrat. They do so because they live on government paychecks and want the absence of accountability that plagues all bureaucracies to continue unabated. These people can be relied on to turn out and vote Democrat simply because they long ago traded their liberties (and everyone else’s) for a job situation that makes it impossible for them to be fired for incompetence, lethargy, or sloth.
Forty-eight hours out, the last thing America needs is a big turnout within the pool of people that everybody knows is, in the aggregate, way too stupid to populate a decent jury.
You want an O.J.-like result in any election? The Clintons want that kind of result. This is why the Clinton’s are shameless in the way they are against voter ID laws. They want to make it easy for Democrats to engage in voter fraud.
Think about it. The Clintons desperately need a big turnout within the groups of people that would never to be allowed, by smart lawyers, to got a shot at judging the six innocent police officers charged by Democrats in Baltimore.
Why should anyone encourage more idiots to vote? The answer is easy. Those who do are Democrats.