America wants change, Las Cruces and New Mexico want status quo

© 2016 Jim Spence - If you look at the national election there are a few inescapable conclusions. Around the nation voters wanted CHANGE. In New Mexico voters wanted status quo. New Mexico defied national trends. On the national stage in 2016, Democrats nominated one of the most reprehensible people to ever seek public office. Hillary Clinton is a terrible liar. She was a horrible candidate. Democrats paid the ultimate price for nominating Clinton. 
However, on the local, regional, and statewide level, the fact that New Mexico Democrats offer terrible candidates almost never seems to matter. One has to wonder when New Mexico's citizens will start to get it, if ever.
By and large national voters repudiated the progressive mindset that wants us to passively accept the corrosive economic stagnation that has set in under Mr. Obama. And Democrat’s attempts to con voters into thinking there has been a robust recovery since the last recession fell flat.
The health care that Mr. Obama was going to fix is getting worse, much worse. And everyone knows it. However, in New Mexico, and particularly in Las Cruces where we live, the voters seemed perfectly content with economic stagnation as well as the progressive con job on health care etc. 
Las Cruces in particular seems content with sending more idiots to Santa Fe. The evidence of the mindlessness is everywhere. Intelligent public servants like Andy Nunez, Dr. Terry McMillan, and Lee Cotter will be replaced in Santa Fe by people who can best be described as human parasites. The newest grafters to displace New Mexico’s efforts to break out of sixty years of Democrat domination in the state are Nathan Small and Joanne Ferrary. Additionally, Jeff Steinborn, who has never had a real job, will replace Lee Cotter. Steinborn will move his economic wrecking ball from the House to the Senate.
Anyone with a lick of sense has seen the progressive political influences within the Democratic Party erode the economic vitality of Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, and the state of New Mexico for decades. And progressives continue to offer one stupid proposal after another. Fortunately, the state has had Susanna Martinez to veto the Democrat stupid ideas in recent years. 
No doubt the disturbing pattern of economic destruction seems sure to get worse with the likes of Small and Ferrary headed to Santa Fe along with Steinborn going over from the House to the Senate. There Steinborn is sure to insert his inane ideas into legislation in the upper house.
In the end, while the nation went for change, New Mexico went for more of the same or worse. Small and Ferrary are certain to cast dumb votes instead of the smart ones Dr. McMillan and Andy Nunez did. Our Governor will have to make sure there is still plenty of ink in the veto pen.